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How do I change the banner (logo)?

  • Log in as an administrator
  • Click on Manage Site then Banner Logo (or browse to admin/templatetags/bannerlogo)
  • Click on the "Browse" button and select your preferred image.
  • Click on the Submit Banner Logo button

How do I add new file types to the system?

  • Log in as an administrator (if not already)
  • Click on Global Settings then Pseudo Verify (or browse to admin/pverify)
  • Follow the instructions at the top of the screen
  • When you finished click on the Submit button
  • Follow the instructions directly below to enable the file type in submit forms.

How do I enable/restrict file types users can upload?

  • Log in as an administrator (if not already)
  • Click on Mangage Site then File Formats (or browse to admin/formats)
  • Check the boxes for the formats you want to allow
  • Click on the Submit button

How do I restrict licenses?

  • Log in as an administrator (if not already)
  • Click on Manage Site then License (or browse to admin/license)
  • Check the licenses you want to enable in submit forms
  • Click on the Submit button

For information on the Creative Commons Licenses see:

How do I add administrators?

  • Log in as an administrator (if not already)
  • Click on Manage Site then Settings (or browse to admin/settings)
  • At the Site Administrators field, enter a comma separated list of log in names. (If the user name is not in use yet, the next user that registers with that name will become an admin)
  • Click on the Submit button

How do I edit the navigation tabs at the top of the page?

Log in as an administrator and go to the "Manage Site" section. If running multiple sites make sure you select the site you want to edit from the dropdown menu on top. Click on the "Navigator Tab Sets" link. Click on the "[Edit tabs]" link for the associated tab set you want to edit.

To create a new tab click on "Add Tab." Give it a name (internal only), Display Name (what is displayed), Help Hint ("tooltip" when hovering over with mouse pointer), define its action, and set access level.

On that page you are also able to remove unwanted tabs and edit what all of the current tabs' functions are.

How do I manage page and topic content in ccHost?

For the complete howto, see Content Manager Howto.

How do I repair a broken configruation (A.K.A. HELP!!!!)

If you get into 'trouble' with your system you might be able to salvage your site by browsing to either:

If you are not logged in as an administrator when trying this you will have to:

  • Open the cchost_lib/cc-config-repair.php file in a text editor
  • Remove the two forward slashes '//' before the word 'return' in the line at the top of the file
  • Save this file to disk
  • From your browser, go to 'http://your_server/cchost_lib/cc-config-repair.php'. This should bring up a configuration editor
  • Click on the word 'media' to open the configuration settings and see if you can spot the error
  • After you have fixed (or decided you can't fix) the problem make sure to the put the '//' back into the cchost_lib/cc-config-repair.php file otherwise you will leave a large gaping security hole in your site