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== Distributing ccPublisher ==
== Distributing ccPublisher ==
This section contains basic information on building a distribution of ccPublisher (or other P6 Application). We '''will''' have scripts for this, we just haven't found the right tool.  Ideally something like Ant, but without the Java overhead.  Suggestions welcome.
See [[CcPublisher Release Procedure]] for details on creating packages of ccPublisher (or other P6 applications).
=== Prerequisites ===
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! Windows
! Mac OS X
! Linux
* '''py2exe''' http://www.py2exe.org/
* '''py2app'''
=== Building ===
=== Packaging ===

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This page describes setting up a sandbox for running ccPublisher 2 and P6 from CVS.

Setting Up a ccPublisher Sandbox

A sandbox is a checkout of the ccPublisher sourcecode from Subversion. Setting up a sandbox lets you work with the most recent features, as well as work on the source code yourself. For background on how the sourcecode is organized see ccPublisher 2 Architecture.

As of 8 February 2006, a C compiler is no longer required to build ccPublisher 2 or P6.


We try to maintain pure Python within our Subversion repository (either with a vendor tag or svn:external). However, there are a handful of dependencies which are better built on individual systems or installed from binaries.

Getting Started

Before you begin building you will need to check out the source code. ccPublisher uses Subversion for source control. To check out the most recent copy of the code, execute the following command:

 $ svn co svn://svn.berlios.de/cctools/publisher/trunk ccpublisher

This will check out the entire required source tree, including dependencies from the Zope 3 project, into the ccpublisher directory.


Once you have the dependencies listed above installed, run main.py to start ccPublisher:

 $ python main.py

Editting the Source

Submitting Your Changes

Distributing ccPublisher

See CcPublisher Release Procedure for details on creating packages of ccPublisher (or other P6 applications).