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Congratulations from the Creative Commons Magnatune Lisa DeBenedictis Remix Contest

You are one of the 13 winners of the Creative Commons Magnatune Lisa DeBenedictis Remix Contest. Due to the high-quality remixes received, Magnatune increased the number of winning entries from 10 to 15, so a couple of you have 2 tracks that are to be included on the forthcoming Lisa DeBenedictis remix album. With the exception of increasing the number of winning entries from 10 to 15, the contest rules otherwise remain the same.

Winners are signed to a Magnatune standard "non-evil" recording contract. Also, the winning entries are included on a forthcoming Lisa DeBenedictis remix album to be sold commercially where the artists' share (50% from the first sale) will be split between the winners and (of course) the artists they sample.

The complete list of winning artists and their entries are (in no particular order):

1. Sergio Gomez (Love Bird)
2. Rudiger Lippert (Cuckoo Remix)
3. Thomas Walter (Below Acappella)
4. Richard Ashcroft (BELLOW)
5. Tim Holt (Cuckoo passive-aggressive)
6. Marc Kowalski (below-DU-first-mix)
7. Richard Ashcroft (BELOW Linda Barker Mix)
8. James Margetts (Structured Emotions)
9. Brian Trifon (Stranger from Below)
10. Gabor Valasek (The Cuckoo, bittersweet)
11. Marc Kowalski (below-DU-mix)
12. David Sims (Below and Beyond)
13. Eric Ohara (Below Lambourgino)
14. Thom O'Connor (Unaffected)
15. Sharp Hall (Cuckoo- Liquid Ambient)

Please visit the contest page to learn more and to listen to the other winning entries:

Further Information

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