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ccLookup is a small application developed by Creative Commons which allows users to examine a license claim embedded in a file and optionally verify that claim (if possible).

What is it?

CC Lookup is a tool to verify embedded license information. MP3 files tagged with our CC Publisher application carry information about what license was chosen for the file and a public URL where the license can be validated. If you've downloaded an audio file from [the Internet Archive] or a P2P network like Morpheus that claims to be Creative Commons licensed, this application will verify that for you.

Installing CC Lookup

Installing the application is as simple as downloading the appropriate package below. Once downloaded simply double click the installer (Windows) or drag the application file to your Applications directory (Mac), then run the program.


CC Lookup 1.0.1.msi (Windows XP/2000 Installer Package)


CC Lookup 1.0.1.dmg (Mac OS X Disk Image)

Using CC Lookup

Step one: Start CC Lookup

Launch the CC Lookup application on your computer to get started. Then locate the file you would like verified, on your computer.

Step two: Drag an audio file into the application window

Drag the file into the blue area of the application window, and you should get immediate feedback that either verifies the file or tells you what went wrong.

Step three: View details

If your file was verified, the details tab shows additional information embedded into the file.

Viewing unverified files

If you drag a file that lacks license information or contains false information, the application will notify you immediately.