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Release 1.0.2 - Bug fix release

Release 2.0

  • User
    • Native reviews (no longer rely on phpBB)
    • Native reviews feed support
    • One-click ratings (hover over stars to pick ratings)
    • Formatting in user and upload descriptions
    • Major performance improvements
    • Radio (based on M3U)
    • ATOM feed support
    • NSFW (Not Safe For Work) flag
    • Profile stats: overall ratings, # of remixes/remixed, reviews/reviewed
    • Bread crumbs for easier site navigation
    • Flagging uploads for site policy violations
    • "How I Did It" browser
  • Admin
    • sample pools turned on
    • import/export of settings for easy re-creation of installations
    • feed caching enabled
    • assignable default feed for pages without auto-feeds
    • internationization turned on for user screens
    • ccHost updates now happen from browser (after you install code)
    • magpie replaced with customized feed reader
    • new ratings admin panel (ban users, undo ratings, etc.)
    • stricter fairness policies (no self-remixing, self-rating, etc.)
    • file verifier handles more "edge cases"
    • activity log enhancements
  • Still Testing
    • Monthly archives
    • Stats/Charts pages
  • Bugfixes
    • Podcasting is now repaired.
    • feed caching now working