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ccHost currently is in need of standard Open Source translations. Victor Stone, a core developer on the project has created one way to for admins to edit strings and to solve this problem. Unfortunately, to complete the task and be compatible with 95% of the localization strategies in the world, ccHost is transitioning to use the common application, gettext.

The following steps outline the process of making ccHost gettextable:

  1. (DONE) develop test case for understanding how to plug into the project
  2. (DONE) comment out old cc-language.php classes and code temporarily
  3. (DONE) connect together the primary locale selection system in cc-language.php
  4. (DONE) connect up the event handing for all this locale stuff
  5. (DONE) add ability to create and manage PO files in PHP that is abstract enough to be used across different projects.
  6. (DONE) replace all cct() functions with gettext().
  7. (DONE) add UI for the selection of languages, similar to CC's
  8. (NOT DOING) Connect up admin string editor
  9. (DONE) make selectable locale system for users
  • NOTE: The major parts of this code are now in the ccHost codebase, so please have fun!

Locale On-disk Hierarachy

        /PROJECT_NAME (for setting up a ccmixter and cchost translatable .po file.


Select project

if (! dir_name ($locale) )
    $locale = "locale/$PROJECTNNAME


   $locale = 'locale';

Ok, the above task took more code than this in order to have fallback locale preferences.

Translating ccHost

Please come help us translate ccHost.