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The code for ccHost went into public beta in the summer of 2005. The first stable release was 1.0.1, released 2005-08-30.

Neeru Paharia of Creative Commons came up with the idea of a "friendster for DJs" and has guided the project ever since. Initial prototypes were built by MIT students Ian Spivey and Matthew Drake, as part of a computer science class taught by Hal Abelson and Philip Greenspun. Later, a new system based around Geeklog was rewritten by Lucas Gonze which was in turned modified by Victor Stone with UI support by Matt Haughey and technical support by Mike Linksvayer into the site that ran for ccMixter's first six months, including during the WIRED CD project as well as the Magnatune Lisa Denedictics Remix Contest. Since then the code was re-written yet again by Stone to break the dependencies on Geeklog as well as prepare it for public release so that anyone could host their own "ccMixter." That coding project was open sourced in beta on June 30, 2005 as "ccHost" to distinguish it from the site.