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''Manage special pages and topics''
''Manage special pages and topics''
TODO: Explain what Content Pages/Topics are in the "basics" section
Here you can Create new Content Pages and new Content Topics. For more details see [[CcHost5Documentation/Content_Manager|Content Manager]] documentation.
TODO: Explain create a new topic
Here you can Create new Content Pages and new Content Topics.
* Create a new page: ''Some sample properties which you can set for a new page include: Title, Content Type, Layout Style, and Sort By field. You can also set if you want an rss/atom feed made for that page.''
* Create a new Topic: ''describe here''

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Global Settings

Admin Help

Help on configuring the site

This points to this document you are reading now.

Global Setup

Cookies, ban message, admin email, 3rd party add ins, etc.

  • Cookie Domain: This is the name used to set cookies on the client machine. Recommend to leave this blank unless you are having problems.
  • Default File Permissions: chmod() access mask to use when writing new files. Do not edit this unless you understand UNIX permissions, Apache, PHP CGI mode, etc. Changing this value will affect future writes.
  • Use URL Rewrite Rules: Check this if you want to use mod_rewrite for 'pretty' URLs.
    • Note: In order to enable Rewrite rules ('pretty URLs'), you must include the following lines in your Apache configuration (virtual host or .htaccess):
    • RewriteEngine On RewriteBase / RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-d RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f RewriteRule ^(.*)$ /index.php?ccm=/$1 [L,QSA]
  • Feed Caching: Feed caching can optimize replies for feed requests
  • Number of feed items: Number of items to list in feeds (recommended: 15)
  • GetID3 File Verify Enabled: Enable/Disbale GetIDE File Verification
  • Path to GetID3 Library: Local server path to library (e.g. /usrer/lib/getid3/getid3)
  • Tag ID3v1: Tag old style v1 tags as well as v2
  • Registration Confirmation: What type of registrations confirmation should the system use.
  • Limit Queries: Limit the number of records returned from api/query (0 or blank means unlimited - HINT: that's a bad idea)
  • Search Method: Check this to use mysql TEXTINDEX searching
  • Show Google(tm) Search Form: Check this to show users a Google search form
  • Enable Reviews: Allow users to review uploads
  • Include BPM in Upload Forms:
  • Run Once: Comma separated list of xml files in viewfiles directory that registered users will see once.
  • Allow email notifications: Is it ok to allow users get notified on activity on their accounts and others?
  • Allow User Text Formatting: Allow users to format text (bold, italic, etc.)
  • Allow Admin Text Formatting: Allow admins to format text

Manage Page Content

Manage special pages and topics

Here you can Create new Content Pages and new Content Topics. For more details see Content Manager documentation.


Configure where ccHost looks for stuff

  • NOTE: Changing the values here will not move any files around. You are responsible for that and the system will not work until the directories match these values.
  • NOTE: Fields with ** need to be set up so that PHP scripts have full write access.


Configure forums access, groups, etc.


How ratings are calculated, who can rate, etc.


Edit tag aliases, reserve tags, counts, etc.

There are system tags, admin tags and user tags.

  • User tags are entered by anybody doing an upload. They are translated on input (admin controlled translation table so hiphop becomes hip_hop for everybody) and some other rules applied (like minimum length).
  • Admin tags are reserved by the admin so users can't add them - like adding the 'remix' tag to an upload that isn't a remix. Any tag used in a submit form or in the 'Admin' screen for an upload automatically gets this status. We use the 'featured' tag on ccMixter in this way to highlight good a cappellas. 'editorial_pick' is another.
  • System tags are are assigned by code like 'stereo' and other file format related things. Even admins don't have control over these.

Default User Avatar

Upload a default avatar for new users

Super Users

Edit list of super users

To add users to the super user list simply add their usernames in the text box as a comma separate list, eg: victor, jon, greg

Restrict Access

Restrict access to commands


Configure Language use

Upload Throttles

Limit the number and types of uploads per user

Activity Log

Configure the administrator's activity log

Import Files

Import files from your server into ccHost

Disable Site

Disable site when doing maintainence.


Configure system email address and access

You can also send a mass email to all users of the site from this menu.

Download Manager

Count, checksum and license options for downloading


Configure moderation (Ban) and upload flagging


Manage Playlists

Pseudo Verify

Configure usage of exotic and other dangerous file types


Configure user quota

Virtual ccHost

Create a new virtual root

Use this to create new "virtual sites" or instances of cchost on the same server. This is useful for creating contests or giving select users a personal area with their own theme and content.

No changes to the server settings or installation files are needed for this function. After the creation of the new virtual site of the name "BlogOfJon" a new webaddress is created: http://mainwebsiteurl.com/BlogOfJon

More information can be found by following the link on the top of the "Create New Virtual Root" page.

Query Browser

Configure query browser

Channels Page

Configure playlists for the channels page

Sample Pools

Managing sample pools and trackbacks