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Valkaama is a collaborative Open Source movie project.

Movies produced in an open collaborative approach can be observed more and more often nowadays. Valkaama wasn't only among the first feature films which were made available under a Creative Commons license but it was the first feature film project which published HD video sources. We strive to apply the Open Source approach as much as possible to film. By using the Creative Commons BY-SA license we enable everyone not only to freely copy our material but also to remix it and use it commercially. — Tim Baumann


Valkaama is a collaborative open source movie project. It intends to complete the post-production of a full feature movie to be done publicly with the help of volunteers both amateur and professional. The project was started in November 2006 and published as Open Source in October 2008.

Valkaama is a drama placed in Sweden and Finland. It has been realized with drama school students and amateurs in and around Krakow, Poland. The movie tells the story of two unlike young men, each seeking for his personal future, that are thrown together by fate to travel to “Valkaama” to find what each is looking for. As their paths cross, they do not realize how much of their journey has already been determined by their pasts. Open Source and Open Content movies are still a rarity in the Internet. Valkaama is one of the first movies not only to be distributed freely but also to guarantee free access to all source data used and created during the production process. The use of CC by-sa 3.0 licenses for the movie and its sources guarantees a very flexible use and reuse of the produced material.

Licence Usage

Valkaama uses multiple Creative Commons v.3.0 licenses. The movie itself and the source material are published under a CC by-sa license while other material like pictures and texts on the website are available under various CC licenses like the by and by-nd. A few works are also licensed under a non-commercial attribute because the original artists explicitly demanded it. It is hoped for that the ongoing negotiations and discussions about this issue will lead to lifting this attribute for the works in question as well.

The licenses are consequently used on the projects webpage www.valkaama.com where almost every text, picture and video as well as every downloadable media is tagged with a respective license. In some cases the licenses are also included into the media files themselves.


Creative Commons licenses are a simple way to specify how creative work can be used and reused by others. They are accepted and respected both, by the community and by legal institutions which predestines them for an open project like SEO Valkaama.

It was decided to mainly use the CC by-sa licenses in order to not restrict the use and reuse of the material unnecessarily. Although it can be used commercially, the share-alike term ensures that the blogging tips Valkaama material (and new creative works based upon it) will not be exploited, because this license contradicts the media industry’s business models. The permission for commercial use under a share-alike condition can motivate kata motivasi the creation of new free works based upon the project’s materials and thus enrich our digital culture.


For more information, please visit the project’s webpage [1].


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