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Silvia O is a Colombian singer who had commercial success in the 90s and since 2006 has redirected her artistic life, converting herself into a proponent of the remix culture.

Creative Commons licensed music allows for a remix culture that is an example of the beauty that can be created when two people who don't know each other interact without limits or pressure to do what they really enjoy. — Silvia O


It all began on June 4, 2008. I didn't have anything to lose, my efforts to promote the disc "Nueve y viceversa" left me exhausted and disillusioned. 10 songs that were still mine, since no record label was interested in them, stored in boxes, silently ageing. Spurred on by a suggestion from Pablo Arrieta, who knew about CC Mixter, in a small studio in my sister's house I re-recorded a cappella the song "Nada,nada", without any expectations, only as a test.

Imagine my surprise when two days later the first remix had already appeared and nine days later another and 15 days later another and another... It was magic, a miracle, each time someone in the United States, Germany, Hungary, England, made a new version, without understanding anything that I was singing about, with no intention of making money, without money or promotion, only for the pleasure of making music and to share it with people! I began to record more songs a cappella and to record my own vocals in other songs on CC Mixter than had no vocal track. In this way the work was going in two directions: sometimes I was the starting point for others to create music based on my voice; other times, I took a track that already existed and fit myself into it.

Time went by and today, two years later, I have uploaded 12 songs which now have 120 remixes that continue circulating on the Internet, available to be "re-created" and one of them is about to take a new turn. Through CC Mixter, the French DJ Benoit Cassar found out about my music and chose "te amaré siempre" for a commercial project that will be edited in Greece in June of 2008.

License Usage

Silvia O licenses her music on CC Mixter with a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported license that presently has 120 derivative works. Her music can also be found on and on on Myspace, downloads are permitted on every site and there is wide participation through comments and reviews from the users themselves.




With great interest, Silvia has kept an record of how people on CC Mixter have remixed her music. The record can be viewed in a spread sheet here.