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This is really ad-hoc here, but for guidance overall. Please add what you would want and also sign up for tasks.

Current Plans

Version 2.0 Communia

  • coordinate translations of (at least) article summaries? (michelle)
  • add sort function by language (greg)
  • Add last 10 edited casestudies to main page (rejon)
  • Assess what needs fixing from 1.6 release (rejon)

Version 2.1 FSCON

  • Add random sort of 10 casestudies (greg)
  • Add more global case studies (michelle + affiliates)

Past Releases

Version 0.9 April 16

  • (DONE) 10 case studies entered (
  • (IN PROGRESS) cameron 10 featured commoners case studies entered (cameron)
  • (DONE) add "tags" to template (tvol)
    • free tags
    • controlled vocab--need to come up with list of tags (ex: business, art, etc) on this if we want
  • (DONE) add "license short name" (tvol)
  • (IN PROGRESS) tinker with display options (tvol, jon)
    • (DONE) put 500x200 image after title, before pull quote
    • (DONE) add template or some structured way to have the headers in free text area and if section not entered, it doesn't show up
  • (DONE) wiki literacies Help:Editing#Extreme_basics (tvol)

Version 1.0 April 23

  • (DONE) 10 more case studies entered (
  • (DONE) revise display and layout (tvol, jon)
    • sort by, search
      • tag, license, country, media, user status
    • (DONE) add some type of way to enforce sections in the page template and then if no content, don't show section (jon)

Version 1.25 May 1

  • (DONE)email to cci list/jurisdictions for participation
  • (NOT-DOING) tile image header (jon)

Version 1.3 May 9

  • (DONE) reintroduce sort and search functions
  • (NOT-DOING) determine dimensions for images

Version 1.5 June 15

  • (DONE BEST POSSIBLE ;) each jurisdiction have 5 case studies entered
  • (DONE BEST POSSIBLE ;) 5-10 additional international articles (Michelle)
  • (DONE) press release about case studies ongoing project
  • (DONE) take snap-shot of case studies 1.0 as printable versions

Version 1.6 June 24