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Remix My Lit: Literature that’s Read&Write

Why isn't the literati getting amongst it? There's no reason why writers can't mix, match, push and pull content to create remixed works. And that's why remix my lit exists. We don't like buzz words, but if we had to use them we'd probably say we are a web 2.0 online collaborative space for creative people who want to get stuck up to their elbows in remixing!


Most creative disciplines have grappled with the concept of remix. For mediums such as film and music, entire communities of appropriation (legal or otherwise) have emerged. Artists whose creative practice is contingent on the adaptation of and addition to existing creative products populate this space. But other creative disciplines have not yet embraced this creative technique.

Read/Write has always been a dichotomy in literature. The author on one side of the production process, toiling away in solitude to produce the manuscript which is read by many, in solitude. But is there a more collaborative space for literature? Can your pages be Read&Write?

Remix My Lit is a Brisbane-based, international remixable literature project. The project aims to apply the lessons learned from music and film remixing to literature. Remix My Lit is designed to explore where remix fits into literature. It will provide a space within the discipline to encourage and foster a community and culture of remix. It will spin out a number of projects, each of which will endeavour to embed legal appropriation of works into aspects of the publishing environment. Remix My Lit is a research project as an exercise in creative practice.

The first project of Remix My Lit is a printed anthology of remixed and remixable short stories. A group of established authors from around Australia will contribute a short story to be published under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike licence. These stories will be hosted on the website where emerging writers can create their own remixes of them and post them back up on the website. From this body of new works, the best remixed stories will appear in the anthology alongside the original stories. The anthology will be distributed online and in a hardcopy print run. Because all the works and the anthology will be available under a Creative Commons licence that permits remixing, these works will seed the beginnings of a remixable body of literature.

The remixable anthology project was initially funded by Story of the Future – an initiative supported by the Australia Council for the Arts in partnership with the Australian Film Television and Radio School. This funding was matched by the Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence for Creative Industries and Innovation (CCi) at Queensland University of Technology.

License Usage

Remix My Lit currently uses a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 2.5 Australia licence. Long-term the project is considering allowing other Creative Commons licences.

The Remix My Lit logo is a derivative work of a CC Attribution 2.0 Flickr image ‘Street Art’ by Kim Laughton, aka ‘olivepixel.’


The decision to rely on a non-commercial remix licence for the first project reflects some early observations of the publishing industry’s reaction to remix as a concept. Firstly, that the authors involved in the project were willing to experiment with new ideas but only where the reuse of that material was for non-commercial purposes. Equally, the Share Alike requirement reflects the need, at least during the seeding stage, to require ongoing remixability to ensure the concept is properly propagated into a creative discipline that as yet has not widely acknowledged and adopted remix practices.


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