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Fashion made from freely licensed patterns

We believe in collaboration and that, by sharing ideas and build upon each other, great things can be achieved. All Pamoyo clothing and accessoire designs are published under the Creative Commons BY-SA license. We are preparing designs and patterns to be downloadable. If your craftivist fingers are feeling itchy, you can get the patterns and instructions on how to make your favorite Pamoyo style yourself, for example as a way to revive that beloved, well-worn t-shirt that you just can't live without. — pamoyo, Berlin


"live green, look good" - that covers most of what is important in life. But it is also the mantra of a Berlin based fashion label that is entirely committed to sustainable materials and fair trade, and wants to be more than just another fashion label. pamoyo tries to spawn a community of fashion designers and generally style-conscious people who like the philosophy behind pamoyo. Accordingly, the patterns of pamoyo's first collection of fashion design have been released on the net under CC license, so creativity can take flight.

License Usage

Fashion patterns of pamoyo are released under CC BY-SA 2.0 Germany license.


The label wants to foster ecologic production of clothing and propagation of good style through sharing the design patterns.