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Open Clip Art Library: Drawing Together This project aims to create an archive of user contributed clip art that can be freely used.


The project aims to create an archive of user contributed clip art that can be freely used.

Main part of the project is the website, powered by open source software CcHost. On the website users can submit their own images, "remixes" of other users' images or vectorized clip art from external sources. In March 2009 the collection had 10 000 images and more than 1000 contributors.

Before 2006 the collection was released regularly as packages available for download. Last such package is Open Clip Art Library 0.18 (see downloads page: The images were manually sorted into categories. Now there is a daily tarball of unsorted images (from and new 0.19 release is being prepared.

License Usage

All images from Open Clip Art Library are in Public Domain. They are either based on old illustrations to which copyrights have expired, or are explicitly released into Public Domain by their creators.


The project provides free clip arts for users of open source software, such as or AbiWord. Public domain was chosen because it gives the end user the maximum freedom: to use the images for any purpose, commercial or non-commercial, to modify them and redistribute them, even without attribution.

The SVG (vector) format for images was chosen to ensure scalability and easy modification of clip arts. The users are encouraged to creatively modify the clip arts and upload them again to the library; this is called "remixing". They can also open SVG "source code" of any image and study how it was done.


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