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Open Data Euskadi is the portal to the Basque country's government data.


In 2009, the Basque government opened up its data via the portal Open Data Euskadi, licensing all of its public data under CC Attribution. The Basque government listed as its reasoning for opening data, to "generate value and wealth," "create transparency," and "facilitate interoperability between administrations." The government especially encourages reuse of its data by the private sector, other public administrations, and stakeholders to promote transparency in government.

License Usage

Public data on Open Data Euskadi is licensed under CC Attribution.


The Basque government lists four objectives of Open Data Euskadi:

"1. Value and wealth generation: Getting data products by companies, infomediaries and the general public.
2. Transparency in Public Administration: Enabling the reuse of the data presented to analyze and evaluate governance.
3. Interoperability between governments: Facilitating the creation of services to citizens using data from different government.
4. Internal management of government information: Promoting efficiency in the documentation and data classification."


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