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From the Dryad Fact Sheet:

"Dryad is a digital repository for data underlying published works developed by the National Evolutionary Synthesis Center and the University of North Carolina Metadata Research Center, in coordination with a large group of Journals and Societies."

Its goals are to:

  • "To preserve all the underlying data reported in a paper at the time of publication, when there is the greatest incentive and the ability for authors to share their data. This is particularly important in the case of data for which a specialized repository does not exist."
  • "To lower the burden of data sharing by providing one-stop data-deposition via handshaking with specialized repositories."
  • "To assign globally unique identifiers to datasets, thus enabling data citations."
  • "To allow end-users to perform sophisticated searches over data (not only by publication, but also by taxon, geography, geological age, biological concept, etc)."
  • "To allow journals and societies to pool their resources for one shared repository."
  • "To enable bidirectional search and retrieval with data repositories from related disciplines."

License Usage

All data deposited in Dryad is released via the CC0 public domain waiver.

However, scientific norms around citing data prevail.


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