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Adding new Case Study

Timing out

When putting together a long article, if you forget to push "Save changes" religiously, you can lose a lot of material from timing out. Can we extend people's logged in time?

  • Tech: Very possible to change. NK looking into.

Fixed, I believe. The timeout shoule now be more than 12 hours. nkinkade 16:59, 2 April 2009 (UTC)

Duplicate Wiki pages

Adding a Case Study for a project that already has an entry in the wiki is problematic (see: These are entries from Content Directories. Maybe case studies should have the folder /Case_Studies before them?

    • Meta: Ask Mike. Moving content and/or setting up redirects affects content.
  • Brings up an interesting point: we could have the Content Directory form autofill based on the case study form. No need to duplicate some of this info, right?

Show Preview

This function is buggy for me. After pressing Preview, I see multiple boxes like this: "Facts about Case_Studies/Cleanup RDF feed Revision time 23 March 2009 15:33 + Revision user Michelle Thorne +"

Case Study Form

Spilling over

Form fields spill under the right sidebar. Fixed. nkinkade 17:01, 2 April 2009 (UTC)


Have link to CC wiki's "Upload File"? Or other way to integrate file upload within form.

    • Tech: possible. Just copy the link Special Page>>Upload File.

Pull Quote

Should not be enclosed by quotes, this is done automatically.


Is slightly confusing. Does it mean the author of the case study? Or the author of the content?

  • Meta
    • Agree, this should be clarified that it is the focus of the case study. (Greg, 4/9)

User Status

Ok, this refers to the subject of the case study. Should the terms be the same (i.e. "author/organization") like in above section?

  • Meta
    • Yes (Greg, 4/9)


Is it possible to add some pre-existing tags? Of course people should be able to add new ones, but it's helpful to see naming conventions and existing tags.

  • Tech: Probably possible to add list box. Might be best to have small pop-up window or drop-down because might be too many tags.
  • Meta: (Greg/Jon?) How are the CS tags stored? At least we should have short text explaining example tags and naming conventions.
    • They are stored in the page as part of the {{Case Study}} form. (Greg, 4/9)
    • Greg: looking into incomplete from teamspace. maybe can be implemented here?

License URL

We should mention that multiple license URLs should be separated by a comma.

  • Meta: add info to template


We should also note that multiple countries should be divided by comma.

  • Meta: add info to template

Also, I noticed differing conventions of "global", "worldwide", etc.

  • Meta: someone could go back and unify the term, but that won't stop people in the future from picking one over the other.

Case Study Main Body

Formatting toolbar

When editing with form, there's no wiki formatting toolbar for the main text, just a link to a help page.

  • Tech: possible. NK looking into.

Because this form is created by Semantic Forms, about the only way I could find to get a WYSIWYG editor onto the textarea is with an extension called FCKeditor: It may not be worth it?? nkinkade 19:55, 2 April 2009 (UTC)

Another, less tech-inclined user just made this same suggestion again. Maybe we should reconsider installing the extension? I think it would overall help the formatting quality of the studies, and elsewhere on the wiki. --Michelle Thorne 09:19, 15 April 2009 (UTC)

Ok, good to know. I think this boils down to a question of benefit vs. time required to install it. I'm not sure how much work is needed to set up the extension, but I won't call this a high priority bug. So, if it's too intensive, we should just leave it out. --Michelle Thorne 16:48, 9 April 2009 (UTC)


This subheading still confuses people; it could be explained better in the default text, perhaps. Do we want links to outside references, for example a newspaper article discussing the project, or do we want links to further media/content from the work itself?

  • Meta: explain better in template.

Landing Page

See mock-up: User:Michelle_Thorne/DevCasestudies

* Meta: work with Greg to redesign. lots of mediawiki tweaking.

    • What kinds of changes are you thinking of? greg.grossmeier 20:13, 2 April 2009 (UTC)

CCau Book Design

The book jacket cover should be prominent and link to the whole PDF or new booklets. @Jess any further design elements we can include from the book?

Featured Cases

Move the featured cases more to the top

  • Agree! - Greg

Intro Text

Cut down on intro text. Less is more, and icons are best!

  • Agree! - Greg

We should have one -- reflecting new title "CC Stories". Also, see above!

Navigation Boxes

Make the navigation/sort boxes (the orange ones) smaller

  • Tech: possible. May also involve overriding CSS stylesheets.

View Case Studies Box

Can this pull or link to example/featured cases from each category? Might catch eyes better.

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