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===View Case Studies Box===  
===View Case Studies Box===  
Can this pull or link to example/featured cases from each category? Might catch eyes better.
Can this pull or link to example/featured cases from each category? Might catch eyes better.
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Adding new Case Study

Timing out

When putting together a long article, if you forget to push "Save changes" religiously, you can lose a lot of material from timing out. Can we extend people's logged in time?

Duplicate Wiki pages

Adding a Case Study for a project that already has an entry in the wiki is problematic (see: http://wiki.creativecommons.org/Valkaama) These are entries from Content Directories. Maybe case studies should have the folder /casestudies before them?

  • Brings up an interesting point: we could have the Content Directory form autofill based on the case study form. No need to duplicate some of this info, right?

Case Study Form

Spilling over

Form fields spill under the right sidebar.


Have link to CC wiki's "Upload File"? If I remember correctly, not everyone upload files, right?

  • Even if you do figure out how to upload an image, you have to hack a bit in the non-form editor to get your image to appear at the top of the page (basically, pasting the image link where you want it).


Is slightly confusing. Does it mean the author of the case study? Or the author of the content?

User Status

Ok, this refers to the subject of the case study. Should the terms be the same (i.e. "author/organization") like in above section?


Is it possible to add some pre-existing tags? Of course people should be able to add new ones, but it's helpful to see naming conventions and existing tags.

License URL

Can this be generated automatically from the checked boxes? If that's not possible, we should mention that multiple license URLs should be separated by a comma.


We should also note that multiple countries should be divided by comma. Also, I noticed differing conventions of "global", "worldwide", etc.

Case Study Main Body

Formatting toolbar

When editing with form, there's no wiki formatting toolbar for the main text, just a link to a help page.


This subheading still confuses people; it could be explained better in the default text, perhaps. Do we want links to outside references, for example a newspaper article discussing the project, or do we want links to further media/content from the work itself?

Landing Page

CCau Book Design

The book jacket cover should be prominent and link to the whole PDF or new booklets. @Jess any further design elements we can include from the book?

Featured Cases

Move the featured cases more to the top

Intro Text

Cut down on intro text. Less is more, and icons are best!

We should have one -- reflecting new title "CC Stories". Also, see above!

Navigation Boxes

Make the navigation/sort boxes (the orange ones) smaller

View Case Studies Box

Can this pull or link to example/featured cases from each category? Might catch eyes better.

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