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CASH Music is a record label that focuses on CC-licensed projects that promote music through nontraditional means - their focus lies beyond simply music, as they have produced projects from authors and include visual elements as well.

CC Licensing simplifies the process of community interaction, it pre-clears music for podcasting and sharing, and it lets the artist define what use of their work they see as fair while retaining their copyright and whatever level of commercial rights they choose to keep. I feel that the entire music industry, independents and majors, should be using Creative Commons licenses for shared music. — Jesse Von Doom, CASH Music Partner


CASH Music, an acronym for Coalition of Artists and Stake Holders, attempts to find healthy sustainability for artists while giving listeners more of a stake in the music for a new and better experience. Born out of a conversation between musicians Kristin Hersh and Donita Sparks, CASH focuses on making art creation a sustainable and equitable progress.

License Usage

CASH Music uses CC licenses on all of their projects. Different elements of different projects require different licences, meaning that CASH isn;t committed to a specific type of licensing.


CASH uses CC licences because it allows them to better participate in a changign musical landscape. In asking Jesse Von How why they chose to use CC licences, he replied "The real question is how could we have done it without [CC]" (link). CASH finds CC to be a 'sustainable' method for licensing and sets up from the get go their projects as remixable, sharable, and the like.


You can see exampels of CASH's media at their website.