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Organized by Creative Commons Korea(CC Korea), 2012 CC Art Happening concert was held in Seoul on May 26, 2012. 12 new songs were created based on 12 different family stories. All music is being distributed under Creative Commons License on SoundCloud.


CC Art Happening is a brand for a series of art events that Creative Commons Korea organizes yearly. The name Art Happening comes from its characteristic of loving coincidences. Unexpected results come out when people share their works and they become sources for others to create something else. In 2012, Art Happening was organized as a format of concert. We collected stories and photographs of families and the participant composers turned them into music. The music created through this event are all being distributed under Creative Commons License.

License Usage

All music is currently being distributed under CC-BY. Movie clips such as the trailer are under CC-BY-NC. Photographs which can be found on CC Korea Flickr account are all CC-BY.

Technical Details

Creative Commons Korea opened 2012 CC Art Happening website ahead to collect the family stories. 12 stories and their family photos were selected by the composers, and transformed into modern classical music pieces. The selected families were officially invited to the event by Creative Commons Korea. Not only the music performance, family photographs taken at the place and the live recorded DVD were also sent as presents. The composers took charge of their own stages and recruited the performers as they wanted. The rest of the site organization of the event was instructed by Vitamin Communications, an event agency in Korea.


Modern classical music artists do not get to be heard by public too often, but Art Happening became a wonderful opportunity for both public and musicians to come together and have a great time. The concert and music was perfect surprising gifts for the selected families. In addition, we expect to see the participants get to know Creative Commons License more and realize the potential it can create for culture.


Trailer film on Vimeo: Music play/download on SoundCloud: Photographs on Flickr: