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Weekend workshop in Stockholm May 23.-25.5.2008.

Venue: To be Decided possible Hotel Rival

Attendees: Expected 50-70

Keynote wishlist

Chris Anderson, Editor of Wired magazine and author of The Long Tail (see also

John Buckman, CEO of Magnatune

Summit themes

The summit themes and program will be divided to four parts.

1) Technology How can technology be used to aid distribution of cultural objects legally? The session showcases case studies, demos and posters of new technologies that enable legal remixing and sharing.


  • Niklas Lundblad Google scandinavia

2) Law and policy How copyright and other laws affect free culture movement? What are the special Nordic circumstances that we have to take into account? The session discusses the legal norms and open content licensing in scandinavia.


  • Jan Rosen, University of Stockholm, Writer of "Immaterialrätten i informationssamhället. North-South, Open Source och Creative Commons en vägande kritik mot ensamrätten?"
  • Mats Anderson chalmers ipr research group
  • Rasmus Fleicher Piratbyron

3) Business How can you do business while giving away your products for free? The session presents scandinavian case studies of innovative business and production models that are enabled by open content licensing.


  • Stephen Lee, Star Wreck Studios (?) How could the making of movies benefit from the co-operation benefits that CC-license offer.
  • Jaakko Kuivalainen, Taloussanomat (?) Europe's fourth largest publisher's IT and economics magazines decided to publish their online magazines' articles with CC licenses. Jaakko had a big role in that decision.

4) Art What kind of new possibilities open content enables for artists?


  • Deadfrogrecords
  • MatiasLövqvist hybris
  • Magnus Bjärket adrias recordings

5) Public sector and archiving



Speaker and CC-volunteer dinner at restaurant


9:00 Welcome 9:15 Session 1

12:00 Sessio 2

14:30 Sessio 3

16:00 Breakout session 1,2,3

19:00 Dinner at restaurant X 22:00 Night continues at club Y


9:00 Session 4

12:00 Session 5

14:30 Session 6

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