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Please use this page to post you ideas about events or activities that could be undertaken to celebrate Creative Commons' 10th Birthday in 2012.

You may also add to or edit ideas already listed below.

CC Global Resource Archive

Create a dedicated website/archive where CC affiliates can contribute CC educational resources their team has produced in their local language. Could include everything from fact sheets to slideshows to animations to videos of presentations. The goal is to to recognise the work being undertaken by affiliates while at the same time create collection of multi-lingual, international resources all aimed teaching people about what CC is and how it works. Ideally at least one resource would be provided by every CC affiliate.


  • low cost and low effort
  • engages and recognises the work of CC's broader global community, without placing undue pressure on individual teams - teams can choose to contribute existing resources or create new ones
  • promotes CC as a global movement, and recognises the work of CC affiliates
  • creates a useful resource that fills a gap by making multi-lingual CC material more readily identifiable and available
  • could potentially be left open at end of celebrations, allowing affiliates to continue to contribute resources indefinitely


  • not 'showy' or likely to lead to significant publicity


  • creation and curation of website - preferably not on existing wiki, to make it more of a 'showcase'
  • some publicity, again to make it a 'showcase' engagement activity
  • affiliates will have to pay for any new resources produced