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This wiki's current primary use is as a compendium of development information for Creative Commons tools.  Start at the [[Developer]] page.
#REDIRECT [[Main Page]]
You can always find links to the main parts of the main Creative Commons site in this wiki's heading -- [http://creativecommons.org creativecommons.org], [http://creativecommons.org/find/ Find Content], [http://creativecommons.org/license/ License Content], and [http://creativecommons.org/worldwide/ Creative Commons Worldwide].
== Contributing ==
You must register ''and'' confirm (via email) your account in order to edit articles here. Note that some articles may be editable only by administrators. Feel free to make suggestions concerning those articles on their "talk" pages, e.g., [[CcWiki_talk:About|one for this page]]. These and other measures are in place to battle spammers. We apologize for any inconvenience experienced by you the gentle writer, unless you're a spammer.
Also note that your contributions are covered by this site's [[CcWiki:Terms of Use|terms of use]].
That said, please '''dive in'''. If you see content that needs to be expanded, fine tuned, is simply missing, you're probably right!  Create and remix, please.
We're running the same wiki software as [http://wikipedia.org Wikipedia]. If you've edited articles there, you should feel comfortable here. All else equal we'll try to follow practices established by the Wikipedia community.
If you're not certain feel free to leave a comment on the relevant article's talk page or ask on [[IRC]] in realtime.
== Migration ==
The original Creative Commons Wiki content is still available at http://oldwiki.creativecommons.org/wiki/Main_Page
In order to facilitate moving to a slightly updated license (see [[CcWiki:Terms of Use]]) and to drop lots of cruft and to avoid upgrading through several versions of MediaWiki we decided to launch a brand new wiki. If there is content on the old wiki that ''you created'' and that you believe should continue here, please manually copy the article(s) over.

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