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{{Lang-3|Ca:CcWiki_Quant_a|Es:CcWiki Acerca de|He:CcWiki אודות}}
#REDIRECT [[Main Page]]
This wiki's current primary use is as a compendium of development information for Creative Commons tools.  Start at the [[Developer]] page.
You can always find links to the main parts of the official Creative Commons site in this wiki's heading -- [http://creativecommons.org creativecommons.org], [http://creativecommons.org/find/ Find Content], [http://creativecommons.org/license/ License Content], and [http://creativecommons.org/worldwide/ Creative Commons Worldwide].
== Contribua ==
Anjo de barro
Se comoveu com o modo que ela sorriu.
Quando as grandes asas do anjo ela tocou.
Feito de pura argila e todo coração.
Trazia parte da essência do paraíso.
Prendeu o choro quando percebeu.
Que o cabelo dela não existia mais.
Mas ele a via sempre como na primeira vez.
Tomou pra si a dor dela e abriu um sorriso.
_Aqui estou, daqui não vou me mover.
_Aqui estou, pode adormecer.
Adormeceu sob a tutela do anjo de luz.
Do outro lado o escultor sua mão abrigava.
Desejando ter poder pra exorcisar.
O mal que do sangue dela se alimentava.
Quatro mil anjo necessários pra libertar.
Tinha vendido quatrocentos, mas não desanimou.
_Dez por cento é por mim...noventa é com DEus.
Neste instante o outro anjo lhe sussurrou.
Aqui estou, daqui não vou me mover.
Aqui estou, velando ela adormecer.
Inpedindo que o dia vire escuridão
Que a dor venha lhe abater.
Fique tranquilo ela vai abrir os olhos.
Enquanto a sua fé manter...
=== Edite ===
Some articles may be editable only by administrators. Feel free to make suggestions concerning those articles on their "talk" pages, e.g., [[CcWiki_talk:About|one for this page]]. These and other measures are in place to battle spammers. We apologize for any inconvenience experienced by you the gentle writer, unless you're a spammer.
That said, please '''dive in'''. If you see content that needs to be expanded, fine tuned, is simply missing, you're probably right!  Create and remix, please.
We're running the same wiki software as [http://wikipedia.org Wikipedia]. If you've edited articles there, you should feel comfortable here. All else equal we'll try to follow practices established by the Wikipedia community.
If you're not certain feel free to leave a comment on the relevant article's talk page or ask on [[IRC]] in real time.
=== Ajuda ===
==== A simplicidade da edição ====
[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:How_to_edit_a_page How to Edit a Page]
==== Simpler ====
[http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Help:Contents Mediawiki Wiki Editing Help]
==== Detalhes ====
[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Help:Contents Wikipedia Editing Help]
=== Tranduza ===
This is (in theory, soon in practice), a multilingual wiki.  Follow these steps to translate an article.  For the purposes of illustration, the article is called ''Example Content'' and we will translate the article to Spanish.
* Create a new article called ''Es:Contenido del Ejemplo''.  The contents should be a translation of ''Example Content''.
* To ''Es:Contenido del Ejemplo'' add <nowiki>{{Lang-1|Example Content}}</nowiki>
* To ''Example Content'' add <nowiki>{{Lang-1|Es:Contenido del Ejemplo}}</nowiki>
A box appear in each article listing the languages the article is available in.  If an article is available more than two languages, use the appropriate template, e.g., Lang-2 for three languages, Lang-3 for four, etc.
''Es:'' is special in the translated article name.  It is the [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_ISO_639_codes language code] for Spanish, followed by '':''.  If translating for another language, use the appropriate language code, e.g., ''Ja'' for Japanese (use alpha-2 if available).
Eventually you'll be able to search for articles only in language(s) you specify (technically because MediaWiki can treat a prefix before '':'' as a separate namespace).
== CcWiki Development ==
See [[CcWiki:Todo]].

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