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CC0 is a protocol that enables people to:

(a) ASSERT that a work has no copyright or neighboring rights restrictions attached to it.


(b) WAIVE any rights associated with a work so it has no copyright or neighboring rights restrictions attached to it.

CC0 improves and extends the current CC public domain dedication. Key additions:

  1. A protocol facilitating the conveyance of norms with a waiver or assertion statement.
  2. Infrastructure for internationalizing the tools.
  3. The assertion that content is in the public domain will be vouched for by users, so that there is a platform for reputation systems to develop. People will then be able to judge the reliability of content's copyright status based on who has done the certifying.

A beta version of the protocol, including the traditional components of the CC architecture -- legalcode, human-readable explanation, machine-readable metadata, and tools, has been launched for public discussion on January 15, 2008.


Published Pages

CC0 Chooser

Deeds and Legalcode

Note: View the deeds via the published pages examples above to see how published metadata is used to inform deed display.


How do you get involved?


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