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This is the draft email to rally the troops.



CC Birthday Party : Let's Synchronize Globally : DEC 15, 2006 PARTY Call for Participation


Hello all,

Creative Commons in San Francisco is going to throw a local party on the 4th birthday of the organization. Even though CC's actual b-day is DEC 16, the event will be FRIDAY, DECEMBER 15 from 9 PM - 2 AM in order to have a big b-day countdown at midnight.

We are rallying the CC affiliates to also have their own CC birthday celebrations on DEC 15. Some of you might want to have a big party like we are going to have and others might want to setup a meeting at a restaurant or bar.

For this first-time celebration we have decided to see how much interest we can generate together, rally for as many synchronized parties around the world as possible, and leave as much of a "digital trail" as possible of our activities on the web for others to find.

If your project is going to participate, please put your information up on this wiki page:

Already Alek Tarkowski (CC Poland), Chunyan Wang (CC China) and others are on board, so if your project is interested, please note this on the above wiki page, blog about this on your site(s), record media and post them to various places (photo to flickr, video to revver, etc) with the tags "ccbday", your city tag (example: berlin), and your affiliate tag (example: jp). Also, please add any other identifying tags. Please include the tag name you use on the Bday party wiki, so we can easily find and share them as well as anywhere you post about your party before, during and after the event.

We kook forward to hearing from affiliates as to participation and watching this wiki page grow. This is exciting!


PS NOTE: We are planning on doing a bigger event in the spring-time that will focus on expanding this type of Creative Commons affiliate remixing, streaming, and synchronizing. Please keep this in mind for the spring.