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Salon in Linz, Austria


Cc-salon-alps.png 27.06.2012 ... 11:30 to 15:30

CC Alps Salon is on 26 June 2012 !!!

CC Salons are global, informal events focused on building a community of artists, developers, and creators of all kinds around Creative Commons licenses, standards, and technology. The first event took place in San Francisco in 2006 with the idea to replicate in other locations internationally. Since then salons have sprung up in cities around the world. Whether you're familiar with Creative Commons or are brand new to the concepts behind it, we encourage you to check out a salon near you.

The format for each event varies based on the location, but the overall concept is simple. CC Salons are open forums for people who are interested in the issues surrounding Creative Commons and global participatory culture. If you're interested in attending - check out the upcoming salons. If your city doesn't have one - feel free to start your own. Check out the resources for starting your salon for extra info.




  • Open Knowledge Forum - Austria
  • Quarter for Digital Culture
  • Open Commons Region Linz
  • osAlliance


  • Thomas Thurner | Open Knowledge Forum Austria, Quarter for Digital Culture
  • Günther Friesinger | IG Kultur Vienna
  • Roland Alton | osAlliance, FH Vorarlberg
  • Georg Pleger | osAlliance
  • Peter Parycek | Donau-Universität Krems
  • Alexander Baratsits
  • Stefan Pawel, OGD Linz
  • Florian Philapitsch, BKA, war bis 2010 Jurist bei CC-at
  • Brigitte Lutz, Stadt Wien, OGD Cooperation AT
  • Barbara Meier, Stadt Graz, OGD Cooperation
  • Helmut Bronnemayer, Berater
  • Gernot Hauser,, Digitalisierung von Open Educational Ressources


This is the third CC ALPS SALON, held in conjunction with the annual conference for Open Government Data OGD2012.


The principal reason for this pilot is to offer creative workers more flexibility in distributing their works. The pilot is meant as a test to see whether it is useful in practice to combine the systems of Austrian Collecting Societies (like AKM, LSG, VBK, ...) and Creative Commons. This project ist to

  • increase usage of CC license in jurisdiction
  • increase legal certainty for creative workers wishing to use CC licenses
  • increase profitability of CC license users
  • support non-exclusive collecting societies

further reading

CC Version 4.0

The CC 4.0 draft versions are out. During a 3 month requirements gathering period in summer 2012, we urge everyone to give us feedback. We are especially interested in the needs of cities, to fulfil their open government demands, when applying CC licenses to internal and external documents.


  • CC-by wird weiterhin forciert
  • gemeinfrei als solche kennzeichnen!
  • EUPL als mögliche weitere Lizenz, evt. mit Datenbank
  • Haftungsfreistellung weiterhin wichtig
  • in robots.txt file
  • allow additional clauses to the license: Netiquette - fair use
  • NC is often used, but confusing licensors and licensees. "Commercial Rights Reserved (CRR)" is a much better phrase, also for some use cases of open government data.

further reading:

Commons Policy

The COMMUNIA project has been working 2008-2010 on paving the way for immaterial goods to be entitled as commons. An association and a book have been published recently. We will have a closer look at this pan-European project and the option for a European Quorum on reorganizing copyright laws.

further reading:

previous CC ALPS SALONs