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'''location:''' [http://www.serenahotels.com/serenalakevictoria/default-en.html Lake Victoria Serena Resort], Entebbe, Uganda
'''location:''' [http://www.serenahotels.com/serenalakevictoria/default-en.html Lake Victoria Serena Resort], Entebbe, Uganda
'''cost:''' free; travel and accommodation sponsorship may be available to selected guests (please see registration form)

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Creative Common's first regional meeting to be held in Africa will be held on 27-28 June 2012 in Entebbe, Uganda, on the shores of Lake Victoria.

The meeting is hosted by CC Ugandan affiliates, the Center for Health, Human Rights and Development (CEHURD) and the National Book Trust of Uganda (NABOTU).

It aims to bring together CC's community in African as well as partners from a wide range of organisations interested in open access, collaborative OER and digital learning projects in Africa. Attendees will include representatives of:

  • Africa’s open community, including Creative Commons, open education, and free and open source software;
  • the government and public sector, including regulators, teachers and librarians;
  • the private sector, including technology companies (eg Google Africa) and lawyers;
  • development organisations, NGOs and other non-profits, such as local digital media hubs;
  • International organisations, such as IGOs.

The purpose of the meeting will be to:

  • facilitate collaboration and interaction between these organisations;
  • encourage the further adoption of open standards, and in particular Creative Commons, across Africa; and
  • initiate at least one, if not more, collaborative, cross border project in the OER and digital media space.

The meeting will run for two days, with the first day focusing on telling the tale of open in Africa and planning around potential collaborative projects among participants, while the second day continues the collaborative planning process and serves as the Creative Commons Africa regional meeting.


dates: 27-28 June 2012

location: Lake Victoria Serena Resort, Entebbe, Uganda

cost: free; travel and accommodation sponsorship may be available to selected guests (please see registration form)


You can find a first draft of the program here. This is a general overview only - speakers on each topic will be announced closer to the meeting.


Currently registration is only open to invitees. We will open registration to the general public once we have a better idea of attendee numbers. In the meantime, if you are interested in attending, please contact Primah Kwagala at kwagalap at gmail.com.