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Welcome to our CCi wiki !

Creative Commons International (CCi) is Creative Commons' international licensing project. CCi works with volunteer experts around the world to "port" the core Creative Commons Licenses to different copyright legislations. The porting process involves both linguistically translating the licenses and legally adapting them to particular jurisdictions.!

This wiki is for Creative Commons International jurisdictions projects, project leads, and international stakeholders to access and share documents, ideas, and resources about the license porting process and related projects.

See Wikipedia's how to edit a page for details.

General Communication Issues and Proposals

Agreements and Policies Organisational Advocacy

  • CC Websites: Add your ideas about CC jurisdiction sites: how jurisdiction-specific sites and main sites will interact, the aims and objectives of each component, software and tools, language issues, web statistics, hosting and content distribution.
  • Organizational_Ideas Add your ideas about structuring CCi and CC organizations in various jurisdictions here