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Affiliate logo guidelines

Affiliates may use the CC name and logo in their own affiliate team logo provided they first obtain approval of the resulting logo from CC HQ. Our goals are to make affiliate logos recognizably related to Creative Commons, yet sufficiently distinct to avoid any confusion that the logo represents CC HQ, and ensure that only high quality logos are associated with CC’s activities.

CC requires affiliate teams to submit proposed logos to HQ for approval. If approved, CC will prepare a standard trademark agreement granting the affiliate formal permission to use the CC trademark in their logo. In connection with our review, we may ask affiliate teams to make adjustments to the proposed logos before approval is given.

To make the process more efficient, CC provides the following guidelines to help teams as they develop their logos.

Affiliates may incorporate the full CC corporate logo or the CC in a circle logo in the original, unmodified form made available on our website. Note that CC does allow changes to the colors of the CC logos consistent with the parameters described in our Trademark Policy.
No text or design should touch or overlay any part of the CC logo.
The jurisdiction name or other jurisdiction identifier should be approximately as prominent as (but not substantially more prominent than) the CC logo.

Please submit requests for logo approvals to (with a copy to your regional coordinator(s)), together with a sample of the proposed logo. Affiliates are also encouraged to review the CC Merchandising Policy, which contains information about how approved logos may be used in connection with swag and other merchandise.

Sample logos [TK]

Published: February 25, 2015