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Content Directory
URL: http://www.60Sox.org
CC licensed content portal: http://www.60Sox.org
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60Sox has been created to help emergent creative practitioners in Australia and New Zealand present original creative content under any number of CC licences (including Copyright). It all pretty much stems from graduates in Creative Industries (like writing, film, animation, photography, visual art, music & interactive media etc) going out into the great wide world with no real clue about how to get a job. On the other hand, 'industry' bangs-on relentlessly about a skills shortage. There's no real skills shortage, it's just a disconnect. This part of the world (joyously) is knee-deep in awesome creative talent. 60Sox is about helping this talent build their profiles in a fun and encouraging environment, getting feedback by high-profile industry leaders (our '2bobmob') and building a focal point for great emerging creative work in the region - and pissing-off recruitment agencies in the process (who charge way too much). We love creative commons because it boils down to culture-building (in a Chinese-whispers sense). Onya, Larry! Come and see us at 60Sox.