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CC is embarking on a versioning process for its core license suite, which we expect will result in version 4.0 of the suite. The first public discussions of 4.0 were held at CC's Global Summit 2011. The public process is kicked off with a blog post (TK) laying out some of the key reasons for pursuing 4.0 at this time.

Since CC's launch in 2002, it has versioned its core license suite 3 times, the last (3.0) in early 2007. CC has progressed toward becoming a global standard. 4.0 is a tremendous opportunity to ensure the license suite is ideally crafted to further CC's vision and mission over the next decades.



Note cc-licenses

Draft timeline


Issues and Proposals

Various aspects of the license suite potentially could be improved in the 4.0 process. We will gather and rigorously debate and analyze all such issues and proposals for addressing issues. We encourage the broadest possible CC community to engage in this process with us. Add, improve, and discuss specific issue pages:

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