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(Who should you ask?)
(How can you ask them?)
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[Rebecca is working on this, will have it soon]
[Rebecca is working on email template, will have it soon]
== Global Summit info ==
== Global Summit info ==

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Help make the 2011 Global Summit a major success. Use these simple tools to spread the word and encourage your friends, colleagues, and networks to support this important global initiative!

We encourage you to translate these templates and text and adapt them to be relevant to your own audience. If you have questions or need further support in your efforts, please contact allison[at]creativecommons.org

Who should you ask?

  • Colleagues
  • Friends
  • Family
  • Companies who find importance in your work and/or the work of Creative Commons, or companies who have supported your projects before.
  • Local charitable organizations who provide funding for conferences or international initiatives.
  • Important: If you plan to approach any foundations or companies, please let us know so we can coordinate efforts and minimize multiple requests coming from different people.

How can you ask them?

A personalized email, phone call, or in-person meeting all work well. You can also make an appeal for support by tweeting or posting on Facebook, LinkedIn, or other sites.

The most important thing is that you are upfront with where their support will go, why it is important to Creative Commons, and most importantly, why it is important to you. Feel free to use the following email template and adapt or alter to make it more relevant for you.

[Rebecca is working on email template, will have it soon]

Global Summit info

[Plug in document that David created; waiting for final pieces from Alek]

Donation/wire information

There are three ways to support the 2011 Global Summit.

1. Make an online donation using credit card, Google Checkout account, or PayPal account on the donate page.
2. Send a check, payable to Creative Commons, to:

Creative Commons
444 Castro St. Suite 900
Mountain View, CA 94041

3. Send a wire transfer (recommended for donations USD500 or greater). For wire information, please contact allison[at]creativecommons.org

Other ways to support the Global Summit

  • Online store - CC T-shirts, stickers, buttons, and lapel pins.