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Yale University

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University Copyright Policy Information
University: Yale University
University Type: Private
Main url:
Policy Date:
Policy URL
Policy Clarity: Somewhat clear
Creative works ownership status: Author
Creative works ownership status exceptions: Yes
Creative works ownership status exceptions types: Sponsored work, Substantial use of University resources, University commissioned work
Creative works definitions: Substantial University Resources. When the University makes substantial commitments of resources to, or expenditures of resources for, a project, the University may be entitled to ownership of any works created. The term "substantial" is not meant to include ordinary use of Yale's libraries, faculty offices, departmental office equipment or University owned personal computers. The Provost will determine whether substantial commitments exist in a particular case and whether the University ought therefore not to disclaim ownership of such works. Where feasible, the Provost will make this determination before the work is created and at the beginning of the project, and will so inform the principal investigator or other responsible faculty member.
Courseware: Not Specified
Creative works ownership status exceptions: Not Specified
Courseware ownership status exceptions types:
Materials ownership status: Not Specified
Materials ownership status exceptions: Not Specified
Materials ownership status exceptions types:
Ownership Status: Author
Student Ownership Status Exceptions: Yes
Student Ownership Status Exception Types: Work for hire, Substantial use of University resources, Sponsored work
Student definitions: Because students and postdoctoral fellows are in many cases not employees of the University, the Copyright Law would not automatically make the University the owner of copyright to their works. To assure fairness, the provisions of this Copyright Policy are made applicable to students and postdoctoral fellows, especially as stated in paragraph 2.a. above, as a condition of their enrollment or affiliation at the University
Open Access Policy?: Institutional
OA Policy URL:

Policy doesn't specifically discuss courseware or online teaching materials.

Works created by faculty members in the course of the their teaching and research, and works created by staff members in the course of their jobs, are the property of the University. . . . It is traditional at Yale and other universities, however, for books, articles and other scholarly writings by a faculty member to be deemed the property of the writer, who is considered to be entitled to determine how the works are to be disseminated and to keep any income they produce. This tradition reflects the University's commitment to encourage members of the Yale community to write and to publish what they wish. In recognition of that longstanding practice, the University disclaims ownership of works by faculty, staff, postdoctoral fellows and postdoctoral associates and students, except in the following cases: