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Unless it really needs to be private, I prefer these public communication venues:

  • For matters pertaining to this wiki especially, leaving a comment on User talk:Mike Linksvayer is preferred.
  • mlinksva on the #cc IRC channel, though am not often online.
  • @mlinksva on (preferred) and/or twitter (personal accounts, but heavily used for everything).

If it really needs to be private, please use email, not one of the bastard private messaging facilities of any of the above, which I may never see:


Various non-CC contacts listed on my personal blog's home page.


TitleVenue / EventDateThis property is a special property in this wiki.
LibrePlanet 2012 - Creative CommonsLibre Planet25 March 2012
FOSDEM 2012 Legal DevroomFOSDEM 20124 February 2012
Open World Forum: 'require knowledgecommons'Open World Forum23 September 2011
Global Summit 2011/The definition and future of noncommercialCC Global Summit 201117 September 2011
Global Summit 2011/CC's role in the global commons movementCC Global Summit 201117 September 2011
Global Summit 2011/Where are we?CC Global Summit 201116 September 2011
Global Copyright Challenges - SLA2011Philadelphia14 June 2011
NELIC: Interface Design for Legal SystemsNew and Emerging Legal Infrastructures Conference (NELIC)15 April 2011
HOLLAND=OPEN trade mission visits Creative CommonsCreative Commons HQ3 November 2010
Eval("freedom stack.push(culture)");Sharism Forum22 October 2010
Collaboration for Good FuturesNMC Symposium for the Future20 October 2010
Emerging Issues Forum: Whose Big Idea?Emerging Issues Forum9 February 2010
OER Content Interoperability for WikiMedia platformsWikimania28 August 2009
Singularity University Open Source PanelSingularity University / NASA Moffet28 July 2009
The Commons as a collective intelligence meta-innovationProgram for the Future9 December 2008
Beyond Open Source Software - Open Culture, Science, EducationStanford Open Source Lab (un)Conference14 November 2008
How far behind free software is free culture?FSCONS25 October 2008
The Future of Digital FreedomFSCONS25 October 2008
Five myths about the future of culture and the commonsNordic Cultural Commons Conference22 October 2008
Creative Commons and cultural production (panel)Nordic Cultural Commons Conference22 October 2008
Creative Commons PD Legal Tools and Infrastructure3rd COMMUNIA Workshop20 October 2008
Certifying public domain works3rd COMMUNIA Workshop20 October 2008
Free Culture-Free Software CollaborationLinuxWorld5 August 2008
Creative Commons Around the WorldISummit 200831 July 2008
CCi Legal Day Metrics UpdateCCi Legal Day29 July 2008
CC REL updateCCi Legal Day29 July 2008
CC @ BALUGBALUG15 July 2008
Digital copyright registry technology landscape, challenges, opportunitiesCC Technology Summit18 June 2008
Mashups Require CommonsNetsquared 200825 May 2008
CC @ CSU East Bay Multimedia Graduate ForumCSU East Bay21 May 2008
New Media Artists and the LawCalifornia Lawyers for the Arts18 April 2008
Copyright in a Hyper Digital Age: Copyrights? Copyleft? What rights are left?American Society of Media Photographers Northern California17 April 2008
CC@Lugradio Live USA 2008San Francisco Metreon13 April 2008
ACIA 2008: Toward Useful Creative Commons Adoption MetricsACIA 200820 January 2008
Content, community, and commerceACIA 200819 January 2008
Tools for creativity, collaboration, and communicationACIA 200819 January 2008
Media Web Meet-up: Rock'n'RebirthSongbird13 November 2007
WIPO Information Seminar on Rights Management Information: Accessing Creativity in a Network EnvironmentWIPO Geneva17 September 2007
Bandwidth Conference: The DRM PanelBandwidth Conference, San Francisco18 August 2007
NASA Participatory Exploration Summit: Creative CommonsNASA Participatory Exploration Summit26 June 2007
Technologies for Free Culture World DominationEvents17 June 2007
CCi Legal Day: Statistics/Global growth of CCEvents14 June 2007
CCi Legal Day: Version 3.0Events14 June 2007
CC for GooglersGoogle26 October 2006
CC @ CopyCamp 2006Reyerson University28 September 2006
Semantic Search on the Public Web with Creative Commons 2006Semantic Technology Conference7 March 2006
Seybold San Francisco 2004 - DRM RoundtableMoscone18 August 2004
Creative Commons Photo Metadata 200429 April 2004