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CC Russia


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Affiliated institution(s)
Institute of the Information Society

Project lead(s)
Dr. Yuri Hohlov (Chairman of the Board of Directors of IIS, Project Lead), Michael Yakushev (Legal Lead), Mrs. Tatiana Ershova (Director General of IIS)

Mailing address
2/21, building 1, Makarenko Str., Moscow, Russian Federation, 105062



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Russia Case Studies

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Russia Case Law

No case law for this jurisdiction. Add some now.

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Visit the jurisdiction's website (English machine translation).

Read about Russian events! Follow CC news:

See history of CC in Russia on the jurisdiction's website (translation) and in Russian Wikipedia (translation). Right now in Russia are discussing Russian Civil Code alteration for improving legality of CC licenses supported by president Dmitry Medvedev, but according to government document CC licenses already work in Russia and aren't illegal even without "porting".

See list of some license users in Russia (translation). CC licenses already successfully use websites of president of Russia, heads of Russian regions, state universities and professors, news media, musicians, photographers, bloggers, civil activists, fun sites and others besides hundreds and thousands of Russian users of international websites as Wikipedia, Wikia, Flickr, Picasa, YouTube, Jamendo, OpenStreetMap, Wikimapia. Use CC licenses right now!

Join us in social network websites! Ask questions and discuss CC in Russia!


CC Russia 2011 Roadmap

Russian versions of CC Licenses

Version 3 of CC licenses were translated into Russian in 2007 by non-official community In 2010 licenses were translated again by Wikipedia user TarzanASG. In 2011 2.0 and 2.5 versions of BY and BY-SA licenses also were translated by him. All translations are available on Wikimedia Wikisource.

Professional 2011 3.0 translations by IIS:

These are the translations of CC licenses suite, which is not adapted to the existing Russian law. The translation was made by professional translators and edited by the Legal Team of CC Russia.

We invite everyone, who is interested – lawyers, linguists, translators, active license users — to make contribution to this work.

If you have any comments or proposals on the text of licenses included in the suite, whether related to legal, linguistic or usage aspects, please feel free to use the wiki's discussion page to share your thoughts and proposals.

Russian translation of CC0

We present the Russian translation of CC0, which is not adapted to the existing Russian law. The translation was implemented by professional translators and edited by the Legal Team of CC Russia.

About Institute of the Information Society

The Institute of the Information Society (IIS) is an independent research and service organization established in September 1998 by a number of professionals working with information technologies, telecommunications and information policy who were brought together by the common goal of developing the Information Society in Russia.

Read more (in English).

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