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Rewrite Metadata Validator

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Related To: CcREL
Tags: gsoc, metadata
Challenge Type: Developer
Is Complete: Yes

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The new validator is now online at

Work in progress

A proposal based on this idea has been accepted for Google Summer of Codeā„¢ 2008 and the project is currently a work in progress. Read more about it on its dedicated page.

Creative Commons historically ran a metadata validator (also developed in response to a challenge) which allowed users to verify they had made the correct assertions about their work. Since moving to RDFa, the validator has become less relevant and is in need of a major overhaul (perhaps even rewrite).

A minimal implementation will:

  • support all recommended methods, historical and current, of embedding CC license information in a web page (see the file format page for more information)
  • alert users that embedding using historical methods has been deprecated
  • support making assertions about embedded objects

An awesome implementation will:

  • support validating CC license inclusion in non-HTML formats (ie, Syndication feeds), auto-detecting the validation suite to use basic on returned content-type and allowing users to override if necessary
  • traverse special links (ie, cc:morePermissions, cc:attributionURL, xmpRights:WebStatement) looking for additional metadata to provide a complete picture of the published metadata.