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RDFa Support for Semantic Media Wiki

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Related To: RDFa
Tags: rdfa, metadata, web
Challenge Type: Developer
Is Complete: No

Basic work for this was completed as part of Google Summer of Code 2008.

Semantic MediaWiki is an extension for MediaWiki, the software behind Wikipedia. It provides a method for embedding semantic markup in your wiki pages, as well as the ability to query that information. Our listing of Content Directories is a simple example. Getting information out in a machine readable way is one of the basic use cases for a tool like Semantic Media Wiki.

A successful implementation of this challenge will add support to Semantic Media Wiki (either through a patch or through an extension) for emitting the stored markup in RDFa. Some thoughts on the implementation:

  • a patch to SMW is far more valuable if it's accepted into the core codebase
  • annotation should happen in the article if possible, with the fact box a distant second

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