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London Salon Participants

A list of everyone who has expressed an interest in performing, talking or exhibiting at cc-Salon London. We need to arrange these into some sort of schedule for the coming months -

Colin Mutchler

  • Premixed /
  • Scheduled: August 2007

Michela Ledwidge

  • Details: Demo of remixable film project 'Sanctuary', and virtual studio system being developed for open projects
  • Url:
  • Scheduled: 26th July 2007 (Adnan Hadzi)

James Bridle

Jonathan Roberts

Tamara 'calendargirl'

  • Musical performances, and possible talk/discussion about Calendarsongs collaborative project.
  • Url:
  • Scheduled: 26th July 2007

Ernesto Sarezale

Elizabeth Stark

Rob Myers

David Bausola

John Buckman

Matthew Z

Matt Spendlove

Andi Studer

Silvia Pintilie

  • Details: Painter from Bucharest, studying in Italy. Would like to exhibit paintings based on a 'remix' of Baroque and Renaissance styles.
  • Examples: Silvia1.jpg Silvia2.jpg Silvia3.jpg Silvia4.jpg Silvia5.jpg