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CC Finland


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Affiliated institution(s)
Aalto university

Project lead(s)
Tarmo Toikkanen (researcher), Sanna Marttila (researcher), Maria Rehbinder (legal councel)

Mailing address
Tarmo Toikkanen Department of Media, Aalto university PO Box 31000 FI-00076 AALTO FINLAND



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  • Date submitted: 22nd January, 2014
  • Timespan of this roadmap: 2014


CC Finland is engaging with the national government, governmental institutions, GLAM organizations, NGOs and companies. We work closely with Open Knowledge Finland. We collaborate with CC Sweden in terms of Swedish license translations.

Priority Goals

1. License translation. Translation includes both CC0 and CC 4.0 licenses. Translations are needed in Finnish and Swedish. The Finnish government will use CC BY 4.0 as the standard open data license, when it has been translated. 2. GLAM adoption. Finnish GLAM sector to use open licenses for their metadata, connect with national and European level repositories. 3. Open data ecosystem. Participating in open data business opportunities, advocacy and consultation to further the ecosystem. 4. WpLicense, a comprehensive CC license plugin for Wordpress. 5. Advocacy work in the educational sector, including OER and OCW.

Project Outputs

The outputs we plan to complete are as follows:

  1. WpLicense
    1. Finished plugin for Wordpress
    2. 9/2013-3/2014
    3. Tarmo Toikkanen
    4. The plugin will be a useful tool for many bloggers who want to publish their content using a CC license.
  2. Governmental open data license recommendation
    1. National government recommendation establishing CC BY 4.0 as the default license.
    2. 5/2013-4/2014
    3. Tarmo Toikkanen
  3. OpenGLAM
    1. Workshops, training materials, etc.
    2. Sanna Marttila
    3. How will this output help achieve your goals?
  4. License translation
    1. CC 4.0 in Finnish, CC0 in Finnish
    2. 4/2013-4/2014
    3. Maria Rehbinder, Tarmo Toikkanen
    4. Finnish licenses are crucial for GO adoption.

Resources Required


Volunteers and community participation would help in establishing our goals.


No further technology requirements at this point.


No materials are needed. Our projects will be producing materials that can be reused in other circumstances.

Sustainability and Scalability

Our funded projects will of course produce documentation and reports required by the funders. All outcomes are published under open licenses.

We communicate regularly in the European regional mailing list, the license list, the dev list, and the community list. Press releases will be given as appropriate.


We collaborate with CC Sweden in terms of Swedish license translations.


  • Swedish translations of CCPL4.0 and CC0.
  • Commenting on EU level copyright policy.


We aim to translate licenses into Finnish and Swedish. Most of our other communication will be in Finnish only.

CC0 is completed in Finnish, other translations are in progress.