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Case Studies List

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Case Study Author Format Country
Album photo de voyage Image, Text France
[[Case Studies/De:Breipott|]] Audio, InteractiveResource Germany
0 A.D. Wildfire Games Image, Audio, Text, Video, InteractiveResource, Data Global
137Mhz Records Jimmy Chen Image, Audio Canada
2012 CC Art Happening Audio South Korea
3D Gurukul 3D Gurukul Image, Text, Video, InteractiveResource, Other global
3D Models Image, Text, Video, InteractiveResource, Other Global
[[Case Studies/60Sox Study|]] 60Sox Image, Audio, Text, Video Australia, New Zealand
80Beats Blog Discover Text United States
[[Case Studies/A Swarm of Angels|]] Case Studies/A Swarm of Angels Image, Audio, Text, Video Global
[[Case Studies/A Tangle of Thorns|]] Otto Lambert Text Global
A mathematical way to think about biology David Liao Video global
[[Case Studies/ABC Pool|]] Australian Broadcasting Corporation Image, Audio, Text, Video, InteractiveResource, Geodata Australia
[[Case Studies/ACRO|]] Australian Creative Resources Online (ACRO) Image, Audio, Text, Video Australia
Adhitia Sofyan Adhitia Sofyan Audio Indonesia
[[Case Studies/African Sleeping Sickness Test|]] Zablon Kithinji Njiru, Andrew Stanislaw John Mikosza, Tanya Armstrong, John Charles Enyaru, Joseph Mathu Ndung'u, Andrew Richard Christopher Thompson Text Australia
Akademia Orange Poland
Al Jazeera Al Jazeera Image, Video
[[Case Studies/Ali J Art and Illustration|]] Ali J Image Australia
AllDzine AllDzine Image, Text, Video, InteractiveResource, Other Global
Allfool'sday Allfool'sday, Daniele Quattrini, Pasquale Simeone, Fabio Cuppone, Domenico Capitani, Pier Paolo Befanucci Audio Italy
[[Case Studies/Ancient Free Gardeners|]] Case Studies/Ancient Free Gardeners Audio Australia
[[Case Studies/Andrew Garton|]] Case Studies/Andrew Garton Image, Audio, Text, Video Australia
App My State State of Victoria Image, Audio, Text, Video, InteractiveResource, Other, Geodata Australia
[[Case Studies/Architecture for Humanity|]] Case Studies/Architecture for Humanity InteractiveResource Global
[[Case Studies/Artabase|]] Case Studies/Artabase Image, Video Australia
Articles Law Article Law Text, InteractiveResource, Other Global
[[Case Studies/Artservis|]] SCCA-Ljubljana InteractiveResource Slovenia
[[Case Studies/Association for Progressive Communications Australia|]] Image, Audio, Text, Video Australia
Athabasca University Canada
[[Case Studies/Atlas de Indicadores de Sustentabilidade para os Municípios Costeiros do Estado do Rio de Janeiro|]] RAQUEL DEZIDÉRIO SOUTO, Instituto Virtual para o Desenvolvimento Sustentável ( InteractiveResource Brazil
[[Case Studies/Atlas of Sustainability Indicators for the Coastal Municipalities of Rio de Janeiro|]] RAQUEL DEZIDÉRIO SOUTO, Virtual Institute for Sustainable Development ( InteractiveResource Brazil
[[Case Studies/Audiophile|]] Case Studies/Audiophile Audio Australia
[[Case Studies/Augensound Art Community|]] Augensound GbR Image Germany
AusGOAL Text, Data
[[Case Studies/Australian Bureau of Statistics|]] Australian Bureau of Statistics Australia
Authentic Online Learning
BVCC - Romania's First Free Licences Film Festival BVCC - Free licence film festival Brasov, Romania Image, Audio, Video, Other Romania
[[Case Studies/Beatpick study|]] Beatpick LLC Audio Global, United Kingdom
[[Case Studies/Behance|]] Behance LLC Image, Audio, Text, Video, InteractiveResource, Other Global
[[Case Studies/Bert Jerred Music Catalogue at Jamendo|]] Bert Jerred Audio Global
BetterLesson Teachers Image, Text, Video, InteractiveResource, Other USA
[[Case Studies/Black brow|]] Case Studies/Black brow Video Australia
[[Case Studies/Blender Foundation|]] Ton Roosendaal Image, Video Netherlands
[[Case Studies/|]] Image, Text South Korea
[[Case Studies/Brad Sucks|]] Case Studies/Brad Sucks Audio United States
[[Case Studies/Breipott|]] Case Studies/Breipott Audio, InteractiveResource Germany
[[Case Studies/Brisbane Media Map|]] Brisbane Media Map (BMM) InteractiveResource Australia
British Library British Library Data United Kingdom, UK: England and Wales
Brooklyn Museum Image
Brothers Whim Spencer Hanson Image, Audio, Text, Video USA
[[Case Studies/CASH Music|]] Case Studies/CASH Music Image, Audio, Text Global
[[Case Studies/CCMCP|]] Yoav Givati Audio Global
CERN CERN, European Organization for Nuclear Research Data Europe
California Free Digital Textbook Initiative State of California Text United States
Cheong Wa Dae Cheong Wa Dae Image, Audio, Text, Video South Korea
[[Case Studies/Chris Denaro|]] Case Studies/Chris Denaro Image, Video Australia
[[Case Studies/Christopher Willits|]] Case Studies/Christopher Willits Audio United States
Citizen Now Principles and Purpose Working Group Text United States
[[Case Studies/ClearBits|]] ClearBits Image, Audio, Text, Video, InteractiveResource, Other Global
[[Case Studies/Colin Mutchler|]] Case Studies/Colin Mutchler Audio United States
Cologne-based Libraries University and Public Library of Cologne (USB), Library of the Academy of Media Arts Cologne, University Library of the University of Applied Science of Cologne, Library Centre of Rhineland-Palatinate (LBZ), Rhine-Westphalian Library Service Center Data Germany
Commonwealth of Learning Commonwealth of Learning Text Global
Communia Text International
[[Case Studies/Communication in the New Economy|]] Queensland University of Technology Creative Industries Faculty Image, Text Australia
Community College Consortium for OER
Computer Masti InOPEN Technologies ltd. Image, Audio, Text, Video, InteractiveResource India
[[Case Studies/Consultoría en investigación, cultura informacional y proyectos educativos|]] Carlos Gabriel Rodríguez Camargo Colombia
[[Case Studies/Convergent Community Newsroom|]] 4ZzZ 102.1fm Brisbane Audio Australia
[[Case Studies/Cory Doctorow|]] Case Studies/Cory Doctorow Text United Kingdom
Creative Commons Updates Via Amanz, Firdaus Hassan, Tekong, Ikhwan Nazri Image, Text, InteractiveResource, Other Malaysia
Creative archilogies Tru Dô-khac, Nurturer of a white fountain cell of The Archilogy Institute
Creative ontologies Tru Dô-Khac, Nurturer of a white fountain cell and other cells of The Archilogy Institute Global
Crescat Graffiti, Vita Excolatur Quinn Dombrowski Image United States
Crimperbooks - Children's Novels Ryan Cartwright Text United Kingdom Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sport, Republic of Slovenia Image, Text Slovenia
[[Case Studies/Curt Smith|]] Case Studies/Curt Smith Audio United States
Cybertesis Chile
D.I.Y. Satellite D.I.Y. Satellite Image, Text South Korea
DBpedia Data Germany, Global
DZ Music DZ Music Audio Guatemala
Dan Gillmor Dan Gillmor Text United States
DanceMe Perypezye Urbane Image, Audio, Text, Video Italy
[[Case Studies/David Bollier|]] Case Studies/David Bollier Text United States
[[Case Studies/Deproduction|]] Case Studies/Deproduction Video United States
[[Case Studies/DeviantART|]] Case Studies/DeviantART Image, Video Global
[[Case Studies/DeviantArt Study|]] Case Studies/DeviantART Image, Video, Other Global
[[Case Studies/Dictionary of Sydney|]] Case Studies/Dictionary of Sydney Image, Audio, Text, Video Australia
Digg Digg Text United States
[[Case Studies/Digital Fringe|]] Melbourne Fringe Festival, Horse Bazaar Image, Audio, Text, Video, InteractiveResource Australia
Digital Origins of Dictatorship and Democracy Philip Howard / Oxford University Press Text United States
Digital Public Library of America Digital Public Library of America Data United States
[[Case Studies/Disruptive Technology Phd Thesis|]] Mathias Klang Text Sweden
Dozer. The Hill Productions Video Sweden
Dryad Data Global
[[Case Studies/|]] John Yi Audio, Text United States
[[Case Studies/EdgeX|]] Case Studies/EdgeX Image, Audio, Text, Video Australia
Eduteka Colombia
El Cine Chileno y las nuevas formas de creatividad y distribución ONG Derechos Digitales Video Chile, Global
El Cosmonauta Riot Cinema Collective Video Spain
Eleven Brothers Hedoco + Knockoutdesign Image, Text, Other global
Encipel Iván A. Tabachnik Text Argentina
[[Case Studies/EngageMedia Study|]] EngageMedia Text, Video Australia
Enough Records Filipe Cruz Audio global
[[Case Studies/Epic Fu|]] Epic FU Video United States
Escuela Virtual del Deporte Colombia
Europeana Data
Except, Integrated Sustainability Except, Integrated Sustainability Image, Audio, Text, Video, InteractiveResource, Other, Geodata, Data Global
FI:Jaa jotain 11.3.2013 Kari A. Hintikka & Anne Rongas ja lähes sata suomalaista avoimien oppisisältöjen tekijää Image, Audio, Text, Video, InteractiveResource, Other, Data Suomi
FREE - THE JOURNEY Bonfire Collective / Creative Collective TV Audio, Video, Other India, Global
Fantastique Unfettered
Festival del Cinema Africano di Milano COE Text Italy
Fi:Kopiokissa Tarmo Toikkanen, Sanna Vilmusenaho Image Finland
[[Case Studies/Filter Magazine|]] Australian Network for Art and Technology (ANAT) Image, Text Australia
[[Case Studies/Flat World Knowledge|]] Flat World Knowledge Text United States
[[Case Studies/Flickr|]] Flickr Image, Video United States
[[Case Studies/Following Alexis West|]] Brian Boyko Video New Zealand, United States
[[Case Studies/Foncept|]] Case Studies/Foncept Image, Other Hong Kong
Freebase Metaweb Data United States
Frontiers Image, Text, Data Switzerland
GateHouse Media Jacinta Roberts Other United States
Genomes Unzipped Genomes Unzipped Data United States
German Aerospace Center (DLR)
[[Case Studies/GiftTRAP|]] Case Studies/GiftTRAP Image, InteractiveResource Global
GinkgoMaps Dirk Benkert Image Germany
GlaxoSmithKline ChEMBL-NTD, GlaxoSmithKline Image, Audio, Text, Video, InteractiveResource, Other, Geodata, Data United Kingdom
Gleducar Argentina
[[Case Studies/Global Voices Online|]] Case Studies/Global Voices Online Image, Audio, Text Global
[[Case Studies/Google Summer of Code|]] Google Text, Other United States
[[Case Studies/|]] UsableLabs, Prince of Songkla University Image, Audio, Text, Video Thailand
[[Case Studies/GrassrootsWiki|]] Ralph Wollmann & Uwe Schützenmeister Image, Text Germany
[[Case Studies/GreensMPs|]] The Australian Greens Senators InteractiveResource Australia
Haansoft Office 2007 Haansoft Office 2007 Image, Text South Korea
Harvard Library Harvard Library Data United States
Highlights from SMK, The National Gallery of Denmark SMK, Statens Museum for Kunst, Copenhagen Image Denmark
[[Case Studies/Hitchwiki|]] Case Studies/Hitchwiki Image, Text, Geodata Global
Hood River County Library District Hood River County Library System Image, Text, Video United States
[[Case Studies/Hot For Profit|]] Joan Planas Video Spain, Nicaragua
Hydro the film Xavi Tello Image, Audio Spain
Hypothesis Text, Data United States
I-CLEEN Matteo Cattadori Image, InteractiveResource, Other Italy
I-CLEEN project Matteo Cattadori Image, Audio, Text, Video, Other Italy
IDEA CARD CREVATE Image, Text South Korea
[[Case Studies/IGeneration: Digital Communication and Participatory Culture|]] Tama Leaver, The iGeneration students at the University of Western Australia Image, Audio, Text, Video, Other Australia
[[Case Studies/IMERSD|]] Griffith University Audio Australia
ITCanus ITCanus Audio, Video South Korea
Imago Sound Imago Sound Audio Global
[[Case Studies/InMediaHK|]] Case Studies/InMediaHK Image, Text Hong Kong
[[Case Studies/Indaba Music|]] Indaba Media Audio Unported Image Global
Inmyroom Records Ridwan and Ganesha Image, Audio Indonesia
Interior Excellence Myles Albert Image, Text, Other United States
[[Case Studies/International IDEA Publishing|]] Case Studies/International IDEA Publishing Text Global
International Journal of Management, Economics and Social Sciences IJMESS Int'l Publishers Image, Text, Data Global
International webradio global
Internet Archive
IssueLab IssueLab Text United States
[[Case Studies/Jamendo|]] Jamendo Audio Global
[[Case Studies/James Patrick Kelly|]] Case Studies/James Patrick Kelly Audio, Text Unported
[[Case Studies/Jamglue study|]] Jamglue Audio Global
[[Case Studies/Jay Dedman|]] Case Studies/Jay Dedman Video United States
[[Case Studies/Jim Guittard|]] Jim Guittard Audio United States, Bulgaria, Global
[[Case Studies/John Quiggin|]] Case Studies/John Quiggin Text Australia
Jompesh , Bangladesh Saydujjaman Image, Audio, Text, Video, InteractiveResource, Other, Data Bangladesh
[[Case Studies/Jonathan Coulton|]] Case Studies/Jonathan Coulton Audio United States
KOCW Audio, Video South Korea
Kevin MacLeod Kevin MacLeod Audio United States
[[Case Studies/Knives at Noon|]] Case Studies/Knives at Noon Audio New Zealand
Korea University Open Course Ware Korea Universitu Open CourseWare Text South Korea
Kwame Nkrumah University Of Science and Technology (KNUST) Kwame Nkrumah University Of Science and Technology (KNUST) Text
Lady Blackbird John Harper Image, Text United States of America
[[Case Studies/Lan Bui|]] Case Studies/Lan Bui Image, Video United States
LeMill Aalto University Image, Audio, Text, InteractiveResource, Geodata Finland, Estonia, Europe, global
Lienzo de la Conquista, Quauhquechollan Universidad Francisco Marroquin Image, InteractiveResource, Geodata Guatemala
[[Case Studies/Lingro|]] Case Studies/Lingro Text Unported
[[Case Studies/Linux Outlaws|]] The Linux Outlaws Audio Germany, United Kingdom
[[Case Studies/Loops|]] The OpenEnded Group Video, InteractiveResource United States
[[Case Studies/Lucky Dragons|]] Case Studies/Lucky Dragons Audio United States
[[Case Studies/MCM|]] Image, Text, Video Canada
[[Case Studies/Magnatune Study|]] Magnatune Text United States
[[Case Studies/Malaysian Artist For Unity|]] Pete Teo Image, Audio, Text, Video, Other Malaysia
[[Case Studies/Marijuana: It's Time for a Conversation|]] ACLU of Washington Image, Audio, Text, Video, InteractiveResource United States
Mark Pilgrim Mark Pilgrim Text United States
Media Helping Media David Brewer Text UK
Mercy Corps Mercy Corps Text Global
MiYoung Yi (Netstrolling) Image South Korea
[[Case Studies/Michael Specht|]] Case Studies/Michael Specht Text Australia
MichiganView MichiganView Consortium, AmericaView Consortium Image, Text, Geodata, Data United States
[[Case Studies/Mike Seyfang|]] Case Studies/Mike Seyfang Image, Text Australia
Mitarbeitereinstellung als Prädiktor der Kundenorientierung Rico Domenig EMBA, PhD Text Germany, Swiss, Austria
[[Case Studies/MoShang|]] Case Studies/MoShang Audio Taiwan
[[Case Studies/Modiba Productions|]] Modiba Prodcutions Image, Audio Global
[[Case Studies/Monk Turner|]] Case Studies/Monk Turner Audio Unported
[[Case Studies/|]] John Harvey Image Australia
[[Case Studies/Mosman Municipal Council|]] Mosman Municipal Council Image, Text, InteractiveResource, Other Australia
[[Case Studies/Motion Mountain - The Free Physics Textbook|]] Christoph Schiller Text Europe
MusicBrainz MetaBrainz Foundation Data United States
[[Case Studies/MySinaBlog|]] Case Studies/MySinaBlog Text Hong Kong
Mydosis Portal Data
Nasty Old People Video Sweden
[[Case Studies/National Library of Australia 'Click and Flick'|]] National Library of Australia (NLA) Image Australia
National Library of Spain Data Spain
Nature Publishing Group linked data Nature Publishing Group Data United Kingdom
[[Case Studies/NetSonora|]] Image, Audio Brazil
Netherlands Government Netherlands government Text, Data Netherlands
Netlabels en Chile Pueblo Nuevo, Epa Sonidos, Modismo, Impar, Jacobino Discos, Sheep Audio Chile
Neurological Expressionism Richard Baldwin Image Australia
[[Case Studies/New Internationalist|]] New Internationalist Publications Ltd. (NI) Text Global
New York Public Library bibliographic metadata New York Public Library Data United States
[[Case Studies/New Zealand Electronic Text Centre|]] Case Studies/New Zealand Electronic Text Centre Image, Text New Zealand
Newsbank Image Newsbank Image South Korea
Nigrizia Nigrizia Foundation Text Italy
[[Case Studies/Nine Inch Nails Ghosts I-IV|]] Nine Inch Nails Audio United States
[[Case Studies/Nine Inch Nails The Slip|]] Nine Inch Nails Image, Audio United States
Norwegian National Digital Learning Arena Norway
OER Africa
[[Case Studies/On Line Opinion|]] Case Studies/On Line Opinion Text Australia
[[Case Studies/OnClassical study|]] OnClassical Image, Audio, Text Italy
[[Case Studies/Open Archaeology Collection|]] Okapi Image, Text, Video, Other Global
Open Clip Art Library Openclipart Image United States
Open Course Library
Open Data Euskadi Basque Government Data Basque, Spain
Open High School of Utah Open High School of Utah United States
Open Library
[[Case Studies/Open Music Contest|]] Audio Germany
[[Case Studies/Open Radio Hong Kong (ORHK)|]] Case Studies/Open Radio Hong Kong (ORHK) Audio Hong Kong
[[Case Studies/Open clip art library|]] Image
[[Case Studies/OpenDemocracy|]] Case Studies/OpenDemocracy Image, Text Global
OpenEI United States Department of Energy Data United States
OpenJurist OpenJurist Text, Data United States
[[Case Studies/OpenLearn|]] The Open University Image, Audio, Text, Video, InteractiveResource United Kingdom
OpenSecurityTraining Many contributors Text
OpenStreetMap OpenStreetMap Foundation Geodata, Data Global
[[Case Studies/OpenVoice Free PBX|]] OpenVoice Audio Australia
[[Case Studies/Orchestration|]] Guy Yedwab Image, Text, Other United States
[[Case Studies/Otago Polytechnic|]] Case Studies/Otago Polytechnic Text New Zealand
Our World 2.0 United Nations University Image, Audio, Text, Video Japan
[[Case Studies/PICOL – Pictorial Communication Language|]] Case Studies/PICOL – Pictorial Communication Language Image Germany
[[Case Studies/PSMSAR|]] Felix Wong Audio, Text Hong Kong
Pacific Media Centre Pacific Media Centre Image New Zealand
Pacific Scoop Pacific Scoop Image New Zealand
[[Case Studies/Pamoyo|]] John Weitzmann / CC-Germany Image, Other Germany
Peer 2 Peer University P2PU Text, InteractiveResource Global
Pentagon The Hill Productions Video Sweden
Personal Genome Project Personal Genome Project Data United States
Piemonte Regional Government Piemonte Regional Government Text, Geodata, Data Italy, Europe
Pietro Pensa Archive Associazione Amici del Museo delle Grigne Onlus Image, Audio, Text, Video, Other Italy
[[Case Studies/Pig Head Skin|]] Case Studies/Pig Head Skin Audio Taiwan
[[Case Studies/Platform: Journal of Media and Communication|]] School of Culture and Communication, University of Melbourne Text Australia
[[Case Studies/Pocketclock Music|]] Case Studies/Pocketclock Music Audio Australia
Polar Information Commons Polar Information Commons Data Global
Pollator Text, Data global
[[Case Studies/Postmoderncore|]] Case Studies/Postmoderncore Image, Audio New Zealand
[[Case Studies/Powerhouse Museum, Sydney|]] Powerhouse Museum Sydney (PHM) Image, Text, InteractiveResource Australia
[[Case Studies/Pratham Books|]] Case Studies/Pratham Books Image, Audio, Text India
Preempting Dissent -- Open Sourcing Secrecy Greg Elmer and Andy Opel Image, Audio, Text, Video, InteractiveResource Global
[[Case Studies/Prensa Chilena con CC|]] Diarios Ciudadanos, Publimetro Chile, El Ciudadano Text Chile
Procedure Associazione Amici del Museo delle Grigne Onlus Associazione Amici del Museo delle Grigne Onlus Image, Audio, Text, Video, InteractiveResource, Other, Data Italy
Proteome Commons Proteome Commons Data United States
Public.Resource.Org Public.Resource.Org Text United States
Python for Informatics Chuck Severance Text United States
[[Case Studies/Qedoc Interactive Educational Resources|]] James McCormack InteractiveResource Worldwide
[[Case Studies/Queensland Government|]] Queensland Government Information Licensing Framework (GILF) Text Australia
[[Case Studies/Quinn Dombrowski|]] Quinn Dombrowski Image
RIP: A Remix Manifesto Brett Gaylor Image, Audio, Video Canada, United States
RUN Universidade Nova de Lisboa Text Portugal
RVP Metodicky Portal Czech Republic
[[Case Studies/Radiohead and Google House of Cards Project|]] Radiohead Image, Video, InteractiveResource United States
[[Case Studies/Radiomaurodellechiaie|]] Mauro delle chiaie Image, Audio, Text Italy
[[Case Studies/Rapporto Confidenziale|]] Alessio Galbiati, Roberto Rippa Image, Text Italy, Swiss
[[Case Studies/Rebeldes Stereotipos|]] FM La Tribu Audio, Text Argentina
[[Case Studies/Remix My Lit|]] Case Studies/Remix My Lit Text Australia
[[Case Studies/Remixing Çatalhöyük|]] Okapi; Catalhoyuk Research Project Image, Audio, Text, Video, Other Global, Turkey
[[Case Studies/Revver Study|]] Revver Video Global
[[Case Studies/Rezepte-Wiki|]] John Weitzmann / CC-Germany Image, Text Germany
Ri Channel Royal Institute of London
[[Case Studies/Richard Stevens|]] Diesel Sweeties Image United States
Ruffus The Dog Robert Mills, Hunky Dorey Entertainment Inc. Image, Audio, Text, Video Canada
[[Case Studies/Runes of Gallidon|]] Brain Candy, LLC Image, Audio, Text, Video, Other Global
SNOW Audio, Video South Korea
Sage Bionetworks - Sage Commons Sage Bionetworks Data United States Saylor Foundation
SearchRadioMauroDelleChiaie Mauro delle chiaie Image, Audio, Text, Video, InteractiveResource, Other, Data Italy for the project global
[[Case Studies/SeismologyOnline|]] Seismologyonline Media Services Other UAE, Dubai
[[Case Studies/Severed Fifth|]] Jono Bacon Audio United Kingdom
[[Case Studies/Shaun Miller|]] Case Studies/Shaun Miller Video Australia
[[Case Studies/Show Some Color|]] Fabricatorz Video United States
[[Case Studies/Silvia O in the remix culture|]] Silvia O Audio Colombia
SimpleGeo Data
Sita Sings The Blues Nina Paley Video United States
Siyavula Text
SlideShare Image
Smarthistory Image, Text, Video, InteractiveResource United States
[[Case Studies/Snoblind|]] Case Studies/Snoblind Audio Hong Kong
Social Alterations Text United States
[[Case Studies/SomeRightsReserved|]] Case Studies/SomeRightsReserved Other United Kingdom
[[Case Studies/Sony eyeVio|]] Case Studies/Sony eyeVio Video Japan
Soundrespect Redy Afrians Image, Audio, Text, Video, Other Indonesia
[[Case Studies/|]] Joel Spolsky, Jeff Atwood Audio, Text United States
[[Case Studies/Stick this in your memory hole|]] Tristan Clark Text Australia
[[Case Studies/Strange Company|]] Case Studies/Strange Company Video Global
[[Case Studies/Strange Symphonies Blog|]] Aizat Faiz Text Malaysia
[[Case Studies/Strayform study|]] Strayform Image, Audio, Text, Video, InteractiveResource, Other Global
[[Case Studies/|]] Nick Meador Image, Text, Video United States
[[Case Studies/Swedish Open Content Licensing Manual|]] Mathias Klang Text Sweden
[[Case Studies/TV-Tom.Com|]] Dr Tom Benjamin Audio, Video Australia
Talis Connected Commons Talis Data United Kingdom
[[Case Studies/That Other Paper|]] Case Studies/That Other Paper Image, Audio, Text, Video United States
The Archilogy Institute Tru Dô-Khac, Nuturer of an The Archilogy Institute white fountain cell and other cells Text Global
The Cultural Shock Maria Kochetkova Image, Text Italy
The Dryden Experiment Joel Stottlemire Image, Audio, Text, Video, InteractiveResource, Other global
The Forbidden Education German Doin Video global
[[Case Studies/The Global Lives Project|]] Case Studies/The Global Lives Project Video Worldwide
The Impact of OpenCourseWare On Paid Enrollment In Distance Learning Courses Justin K. Johansen Text United States
[[Case Studies/The Pun|]] A New Leaf Media Text Australia
[[Case Studies/The Pundit|]] A New Leaf Media Text Australia David Wolfskehl Text United States
[[Case Studies/Tom Benjamin|]] Http:// Audio Australia
[[Case Studies/Topology|]] Case Studies/Topology Audio Australia
[[Case Studies/Total Harmonic Distortion Sample Pack|]] Matthew Davidson Audio United States
[[Case Studies/Travellerspoint Travel Guide|]] Travellerspoint Text Global
Tribuna Magazine Student Organisation of the University of Ljubljana Image, Text Slovenia
Tuberculosis Commons Eli Lilly Image, Audio, Text, Video, InteractiveResource, Data USA
Uniprot UniProt Consortium Data
University of Florida Library University of Florida Data United States
[[Case Studies/University of Michigan Library|]] University of Michigan Text United States
[[Case Studies/University of Southern Queensland OpenCourseWare|]] University of Southern Queensland (USQ) Text Australia
[[Case Studies/Unleashed Tongue|]] Domestic Research Society Text, InteractiveResource Slovenia
[[Case Studies/UpStage|]] Case Studies/UpStage Image, Audio, Text, Video, InteractiveResource New Zealand
[[Case Studies/|]] Image, Audio, Text, InteractiveResource United States
Utah Open Textbook Project Utah Open Textbook Project United States
VKRS Radio and Netlabel Darragh Audio Global
[[Case Studies/VOCAB: with Bennu|]] Vincent Brown Image, Audio, Text, Video, InteractiveResource Australia
[[Case Studies/Valkaama|]] Tim Baumann Video Germany
[[Case Studies/Videolectures.Net|]] Jozef Stefan Institute Video, InteractiveResource Slovenia
Vietnam Open Educational Resouces Image, Audio, Text, Video, InteractiveResource, Other Vietnam
Vimeo Vimeo Video United States
Virtual School for Latin America and the Caribbean
VoQ online Image, Other global
[[Case Studies/Vosotros|]] Vosotros Music Audio Unported
[[Case Studies/Watching Cars|]] Case Studies/Watching Cars Audio United States
We Read While We're Listening Poland
Web Science MOOC Steffen Staab, User:Renepick, Robert Naumann Image, Audio, Text, Video, InteractiveResource global
[[Case Studies/|]] United States Government Image, Text, Video United States
WikiPremed John Weztel Image, Audio, Text, InteractiveResource Global
Wikimedia Commons
Wikipedia, German Wikipedia Data Germany
Wikiwijs Image, Audio, Text, Video Netherlands
WisconsinView WisconsinView Consortium, AmericaView Consortium Image, Text, Geodata, Data United States
WordPress Text
Worldwide Center of Mathematics David B. Massey Text, Video Global
Yadig Image UAE, Dubai
Yamie Chess School Club Yamie Chess Ltd Image, Audio, InteractiveResource, Other USA
Yes No Wave Music Wok The Rock Image, Audio, Text, Video Indonesia
[[Case Studies/YouDecide2007|]] Case Studies/YouDecide2007 Image, Text, Video Australia
Your Video Here Exhibition Your Video here Exhibition c/o Joanna Hopkins Image, Audio, Text, Video, InteractiveResource Ireland
Youthvoice Youthvoice Audio, Video South Korea
[[Case Studies/|]]
[[Case Studies/Yunyu|]] Case Studies/Yunyu Audio Indonesia
antony Audio Auboutdufil Audio France
dCollection Image, Text South Korea
[[Case Studies/e-Chautauqua|]] Tom Benjamin and Margaret Penhall-Jones Image, Audio, Text, Video, InteractiveResource Australia
[[Case Studies/engineering mechanics|]]
fotobada Image South Korea
hu:Magyar Elekronikus Könyvtár - Hungarian Electronic Library National Széchényi Library Image, Text, Other Hungary
[[Case Studies/|]] Dr Tom Benjamin Audio, Text REDANDPLAY.NET Image, Audio, Text, Video South Korea Http:// Image, Audio, Text, Video, InteractiveResource Serbia
trattamento genetico verbale
writeralley classifieds Writeralley classifieds Image, Audio, Text, Video, InteractiveResource United States
yeizon Http:// Audio South Korea
[[User:Ccrbuenavidez|]] Reychele Buenavidez Text Philippines
[[Case Studies/Zh-HK:Foncept|]] Case Studies/Foncept Image, Other 香港
Fox directory Foxdirectory Video Global
[[Case Studies/A Map of Our Own:Kwun Tong Culture and Histories|]] Case Studies/A Map of Our Own:Kwun Tong Culture and Histories Image, Audio, Video, Text, InteractiveResource, Geodata Hong Kong
LedBAG Hedoco + Róża Szczepańska Image, Text, Other global
[[User:Maurodellechiaie|]] Mauro delle chiaie Image, Audio, Text Italy
Offene Naturführer Offene Naturführer Community Image, Audio, Text, InteractiveResource, Data Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, etc.
[[Case Studies/De:Pamoyo|]] John Weitzmann / CC-Germany Image, Other Germany
[[Case Studies/De:Rezepte-Wiki|]] John Weitzmann / CC-Germany Image, Text Germany
[[Case Studies/Es:Silvia O in the remix culture|]] Silvia O Audio Colombia
[[Case Studies/Zh-HK:Snoblind|]] Case Studies/Snoblind Audio 香港
[[User:Swapbeats|]] SwapBeats Inc. United States
[[User:Vagrant|]] Vagrant aka Douleur Image, Audio, Text Oviedo, Asturias, España
[[Case Studies/Zh-HK:我們的地圖:官塘文化與歷史|]] Case Studies/Zh-HK:我們的地圖:官塘文化與歷史 Image, Audio, Video, Text, InteractiveResource, Geodata 香港
[[Case Studies/Zh-HK:開台|]] Case Studies/Zh-HK:開台 Audio 香港
[[Case Studies/Zh-HK:香港新浪MySinaBlog|]] Case Studies/Zh-HK:香港新浪MySinaBlog Text 香港
[[Case Studies/Zh-HK:香港獨立媒體|]] Case Studies/Zh-HK:香港獨立媒體 Image, Text 香港
[[Case Studies/Zh-HK:鷹頭獅巢 Podsafe音樂特區|]] Felix Wong Audio, Text 香港