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Case Studies/Evaluation

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It's important for Creative Commons to be able to talk about the impact that our licenses have on the web. Part of this involves collecting use cases from different domains and aggregating some useful metrics. The Case Studies database aims to enable that in addition to providing a way for our community to search and discover interesting uses. But in order for a database like this to be useful, it has to have good solid information.

See the Needs Evaluation section to see how you can help evaluate Case Studies, or the Evaluation Guide section for information on how to help improve the Case Studies.

Note this scheme is inspired largely by WikiProject article assessents on English Wikipedia.

High Medium Low None
Quality A-Class 7 0 0 0
B-Class 13 1 0 0
C-Class 6 4 0 0
Start 2 5 0 0
Stub 6 0 1 0
None 1 0 0 118

Evaluation Guide


Class Description Suggested Edits Examples
  • Contains a concise and complete description of the use in well-written prose.
  • Explains the novelty or importance of the use-case.
  • Has complete information, including: an accompanying image with attribution information, quote, short description, and licensing metadata.
  • Would be worthy of being featured elsewhere on the web.
  • No edits should be necessary unless new information becomes available.
  • Contains good, complete descriptions of the use, both short and full.
  • Might be missing one or two fields.
  • May need small improvements writing style, grammar, spelling, etc.
  • Image might be missing attribution information.
  • Latest info may need updating.
  • Fill in missing or incomplete metadata.
  • Fix any minor issues with writing style.
  • Fill in relevant updates.
  • Contains an adequate full description of the use.
  • Some missing image, quote, or metadata.
  • Might be missing a short description.
  • May contain unclear language or obviously incorrect grammar.
  • Fill in missing or incomplete metadata, short description, image, quote, etc.
  • Improve prose of the Case Study. The Wikipedia Manual of Style is a good guide.
  • Has the beginnings of descriptions about the use-case.
  • Substantial information missing, such as a short description, image, or metadata.
  • Could contain some metadata, but is mostly incomplete.
  • Begin or complete the short or full descriptions of the Case Study.
  • Fill in missing or incomplete metadata.
  • Find and upload an appropriate image and quote (with proper licensing and attribution information).
  • Has no description.
  • Doesn't have more than one or two data fields.
  • Begin or complete the short and full descriptions of the Case Study.
  • Fill in missing or incomplete metadata.
  • Find and upload an appropriate image and quote (with proper licensing and attribution information).

Note: The above data might not be up to date. The Example column is generated randomly from pages tagged in each class.


  • Quality should be re-assessed following any substantial edits to a Case Study.

Importance as a Case Study

Importance Description Examples
  • The Case Study represents a highly successful and novel use case which illustrates the power of CC licensing.
  • The site or platform using CC licensing is highly trafficked.
  • The Case Study was an early adopter of CC licensing.
  • The work or site under CC is of a form or produced in an industry that isn't typically associated with permissive licenses, and illustrates the compatability of Creative Commons with traditional media.
  • For platforms or sites, the Case Study reports a very large volume of work or a community of users.
  • Is a Case Study of a very recognizable brand.
  • The Case Study is from a region with few CC licensed works and/or is an early adopter for a specific region, culture, or language.
  • The Case Study has developed a moderate community of users.
  • The Case Study is an example of a platform or artist using Creative Commons, but has not yet developed a community of users or significant interest.
  • For platforms or sites, the volume of work represented by the Case Study is low.
  • There are many CC use-cases or Case Studies similar to this Case Study.
  • The Case Study no longer exists or has not been active in a while.

Needs Evaluation

Needs Full Evaluation

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Only Needs Importance Evaluation

Only Needs Quality Evaluation

Piemonte Regional Government

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