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  • LaTeX users may use the pdflatex macro.
  • PdfLicenseManager is a standalone GUI/command line tool for embedding XMP in PDFs.
    • PdfLicenseManager uses the iText java library, which may be easily incorporated into any Java tool that needs to do XMP embedding.


Other Implementations

  • XMP Toolkit 4.1
  • Exempi bundles the above two tools into one package, with modifications to make it build on Linux. It therefore allows reading/writing XMP metadata for various file formats, including PDF, MP3, JPEG, and PNG.
  • Exiftool is a perl-based module for embedding and extracting Exif from multiple filetypes. This allows for using XMP in addition to other formats.
  • JPEG-XMP are java-based programs for operating on jpegs to extract and embed XMP metadata.
  • The PHP JPEG Metadata Toolkit is a php-based program for embedding and extracting XMP metadata for JPEGs.
  • PdfLicenseManager is a Java-based GUI and command line program for embedding XMP with license information into PDFs.
  • XMP Manager A Ruby action for Nautilus which exposes and allows editing of XMP metadata.
  • Raptor - Supposedly this can generate XMP somewhat, and can also parse it, if you grab the rdf/xml out of the <?xmp...> blocks for it. It's GPL / LGPL / Apache2 licensed so compatible with your code.
  • Please add yours here :)