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{{CcLearn FAQ
|Question=Who is this guide for?
|Answer=This guide is intended for those persons, projects, and organizations that have expressed involvement in the open educational resources (OER) movement and have specifically adopted or are on the verge of adopting a CC license for their self-identified open works. Their sites either advertise free and/or open resources, or state an interest in furthering openness in general. You, the representative of your project or organization, probably know well or have at least heard of the open education movement: it is a movement about improving educational practices and opportunities by freely and openly sharing educational resources, consisting of many kinds of content, tools, and software, all endowed with open licenses. Openness is a standard that is embraced daily in education whether we are aware of it or not. Openly licensed resources encourage the kind of collaboration we seek in education, where teachers, students, and researchers are building off of each others’ work to customize and improve them so that students learn better and everyone saves time and effort.
|Document=Publishing Your Open Educational Resources on the Internet
|Target audience=OER creators
|Tag=OER, CC licenses, terms of use

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