What are Terms of Use?

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Terms of Use (also known as Terms of Service or Terms and Conditions) are the collection of rules that apply to the use of any given website. The purpose of the TOU is to let your users know what they can and cannot do on the site. Usually TOU contain information for users about what they may do with copyrighted site content. Sometimes, information regarding these rights is contained in a separate copyright or IP (intellectual property) policy. As used in this FAQ, however, we use TOU to include any central location on a website where copyright information is provided. Since all work automatically falls under “all rights reserved” copyright from the moment it is created, users will (correctly) assume that this is the status for your resources unless otherwise expressly stated by the copyright holder and clarified by you. If you choose to openly license the content on your site, then a simple statement in the TOU or elsewhere on your site stating what license terms apply can prevent confusion or concern that could scare off your users.

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