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  • CC is working on a website redesign; primary visual redesign to be completed by CC Global Summit (16 September 2011)
  • initial mockups provided by Lybba Dec 2010
  • design work will be continued by Fabricatorz Aug 2011; primary contacts Jon Phillips, Christoper Adams
  • CC manager Mike Linksvayer; help from CC Tech (Nathan Kinkade, Christopher Webber), Jane Park, Timothy Vollmer
  • All work will be done on branch of CC code repository, against existing theme to minimize integration time and regressions


  • note: each deadline below assumes CC approval on same date, given constant communication during development; Check-in on progress each day via skype/IRC

Implement "phase 1" redesign for main CC website

  • 8/22 CONCRETE PLAN: identify concrete elements of "phase 1" mockup design to be implemented, any elements not feasible that will not be implemented
  • 8/26 HOMENAV IMPLEMENTED: home page and navigation elements implemented; check-in with CC web redesign committee
  • 9/2 INTERIOR PAGES: changes to interior landing and about themes/pages implemented
  • 9/9 LICENSE CHOOSER: overall look/navigation changes also implemented for license chooser; check-in with CC web redesign committee
  • 9/16 REVIEW BUGFIX LAUNCH: bug fixing/testing completed, launch at CC global summit

Post-summit redesign of CC net/donor site

  • 10/7 INTEGRATE CIVICRM: integration of design elements from main website redesign completed for pre-testing of campaign soft launch

Post-campaign launch redesign of other sites

goal for each is to incorporate key elements from redesign, but start from and stay very close to native theme of relevant software

  • 10/14 WIKI
    • reality assessment on the integration
  • 10/21 LABS: labs/other CC sites using wordpress multiuser
    • What sites must stay and which must leave?
  • 10/28 SEARCH
    • Is this staying?
    • Needs a reality assessment on continuing.