Website Update 2011 08 26 Meeting

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Meeting Plan

  • show off the work
  • talk tech details
    • SVGA (1024x768, basically ipad)
    • touch (need to be usable across devices)
    • platforms (which ones to support)
    • what will master reviewers be checking the site on?
    • HTML5 important
  • critique
  • then jump into site hierarchy

Current Nav

  • Current TopNav
    • About
    • Blog
    • Donate
    • FAQ
    • Wiki
    • International
  • Current BottomNav
    • "Creative Commons"
      • Column 1
        • About
        • Who Uses CC?
        • Culture
        • Education
        • Science
      • Column 2
        • Blog
        • Case Studies
        • CC Talks With...
        • Newsletters
        • Downloads
      • Column 3
        • International
        • Events
        • People
        • Press Room
        • Contact
    • Licensing
      • The Licenses
      • Choose License
      • FAQ
      • Find Content
      • Developers
    • Supporting CC
      • Donate
      • Store
      • Supporters
      • Corporate Giving
      • Facts & Figures

Proposed New Nav

FINAL: DO NOT EDIT THIS, MOVE TO Website Update 2011 08 29 Meeting


also in about

  • Who Uses CC?
  • CC Talks With...
  • Case Studies

Problems with launched site design

  • kinkade dump db, get the db dump into cc.fab site (kinkade and rejon)
    • live changes to content then authoritatively come on the main live site
    • theme changes go to cc.fab site, then svn commit, and then svn up on live site
  • On /staff, when you click on a person's name the URL fragment is visited, but the top part of the text for that section is cut off by the header. Probably has something to do with the fact that header position is fixed. (cxadams)
  • The comments form on blog posts uses obsolete CSS rules that require work-arounds (such as using an ol for the fields). The form needs to be updated to use <fieldset> and <label> instead (cxadams) (FIXED)
    • its the comments.php file in the theme
  • On the comments both the Share on Twitter / Tags have obsolete styling (cxadams)
  • When you are not logged in, below the Submit button on the blog post comments, there appears the text "Input error: Invalid referer" (rejon)
  • (FIXED) power of open carousel image should link to not the blog post
  • /board page needs spacing between photos and text (rejon)
  • case studies bucket should be three dots, not two (rejon)
  • various bolding issues in carousel (rejon)
  • WP issue - makes you log in anew every time you want to do something new, ie. edit a post, upload a photo. what is up w/that? (rejon)
  • Each page should have a right-hand column with a list of links to the other pages in the same section (e.g. About, Licenses) (cxadams)
    • fix with noscript tag possibly to link sections, but do after bug fixes
  • /board page doesn't have correct styling. List of people is vertical, but should have a horizontal component. (rejon)
  • after jon verifies fucked pages with kinkade, then hand off style conversion to the theme by extracting style from pages onto theme (rejon + nkinkade then cxadams)
  • the about/downloads page is not linked to from anywhere top-level (you can get there via News » Press Room » Downloads)
  • a more user-friendly way to say "Licensors" and "Licensees" under License tab up top. suggested alternative text for Licensors could be "Share your work" and for Licensees "Reuse a work" or "Reuse others works".