Wales: Open Education Declaration of Intent

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Date: 2013/09/20
Policy Status: Current
Jurisdiction: Province / State
Country: Wales
Policy license: copyright


Policy Title: The Wales Open Education Declaration of Intent - Go to the policy
Author(s): Professor Colin Riordan, Chair of Higher Education Wales

Description: This document drafted by the Vice-Chancellors of Higher Education Wales represents their collective agreement: to ensure that any designated teaching and learning material released under open licence can be adapted and redistributed without cost or restriction. Further language supports the use of Open Educational Resources (OER), "encouraging the introduction of open educational practice into every part of the university."

Policy Comments:

"As a group of Vice-Chancellors representing universities in Wales, we believe that open access to learning and teaching materials has the potential to benefit the learner and the community within which the learner operates. We believe that sharing knowledge and resources is key to providing students with the skills and understanding required to become active participants in their communities, their countries and society globally."

Link to PDF: