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(Come on Baby is a game developed for Fonwar featuring a naughty baby and a very sexy babysitter)
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'''Mobile Game: Come on Baby'''
'''the spam that was here is now blanked,'' Thank you for your attention.
Recently I found one game that is very cool called Come on Baby on http://www.fonwar.com/. Funny evil baby that always get you busy on nappy changing. So one have to be patience and have a quick reaction to play the game especially on your mobile phone. The game play is helping Tiffany the young sexy nanny with her new baby nursery to advance to a five stars baby nursery motel. Player can choose to play the game in 2 modes, Tiffany’s career and Endless shift. Tutorial or training will be given in any of the chosen mode. In the Tiffany’s career game mode, the mission is player need to help Tiffany to get 5 stars status within 100 days by taking care of the baby and make him happy by fulfilling all his request, the score will be depend on the baby’s mood and the most challenging part is, there is a time limit of each request must be fulfill before the baby’s mood goes down. You will be rewarded with points or get robbed. Isn’t that cool, and at the end of every shift, the player will brought to the shop screen where player can upgrade the facilities in the nursery, plus the appearance of the baby may change from time to time if you manage to upgrade to a higher level. As for the Endless shift game mood, the player will play the game in unlimited time. The score will be counted base in the time the player takes to complete each baby’s request. The shortest you spend time in fulfilling the baby’s request the highest the score you get. Feature for upgrading the facilities in the nursery also available in this game mode. This game is fun to play with especially the Tiffany’s career play mood that because you never know what is going to happen next. Surprise will always be with you. You can get the game here: http://game.fonwar.com/Tournament/Arcade/Come_On_Baby/10992

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'the spam that was here is now blanked, Thank you for your attention.