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| ?Venue=Venue / Event
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I am Vice President of Creative Commons, based in San Francisco. I was CTO April 2003 - April 2007. Nathan Yergler is now CTO.


  • Unless it really needs to be private, I prefer these public communication venues:
    • For matters pertaining to this wiki especially, leaving a comment on User talk:Mike Linksvayer is preferred.
    • mlinksva on the #cc IRC channel, though am not often online.
    • @mlinksva on identi.ca (preferred) and/or twitter (personal accounts, but heavily used for everything).
  • If it really needs to be private, please use email, not one of the bastard private messaging facilities of any of the above, which I may never see:
    • ml@creativecommons.org
  • Various non-CC contacts listed on my personal blog's home page.


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